[Marxism] CubaNews Notes from Havana February 20, 2004

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Fri Feb 20 12:21:21 MST 2004

CubaNews Notes from Havana February 20, 2004
by Walter Lippmann

This is my final day of a fourteen-week visit to Cuba and this
will be my last edition of CubaNews Notes written from here.
My plane leaves tonight at 9 PM, and I've got to be at the
airport at 6 PM. Packing remains as yet far from completed,
but how much can one put into one large suitcase?

This morning I sent out and had two scoops of ice cream at
Coppelia for breakfast. I took a few last photographs and
ran over to the offices of TRICONTINENTAL MAGAZINE to give
a book back and to pick up one final poster, an original
version of the famous image of HATUEY THE FIRST, the Cuban
Indian leader who was famous for an historic act of defiance
against Spanish colonialists. After witnessing what the
Spanish had done to the island and his people, HATUEY was
offered the opportunity to convert to Christianity or else
to be burned at the stake. He chose not to convert and has
ever since then been a symbol of the island's relentless
struggle for its independence. 

Winter is supposed to be coming to an end here in Cuba, but
you wouldn't have known that yesterday when it was so cold
on had to wear several layers of clothing. Even the anchor
woman on the morning news show had a scarf around her neck.
Today, by contrast, it's warm but not sweltering. At this
time of year the one thing which is predictable is that 
the weather cannot be predicted.

The more time I spend here in Cuba the more I know how much
more there is to learn. My Spanish is continuing to improve
with daily practice. My need for exercise is also improving
as I'm wearing the results of fourteen weeks of Cuban food.

Here in Cuba I've had a chance to meet some of the subscribers
on the island who've told me how much they appreciate the work
of this list. I've got a new translator, Ana Portela, and you
have begun to see some of her work here. My plan is to share
with you more new materials from out of the Cuban media which
will illuminate additional sides of life in this country. I'm
sure you will find the additional material informative.

Next item you'll receive will be my report on the book fair.
After that, I'll be doing most of the work from Los Angeles.

Being in Los Angeles will enable me to have hot water for a
daily bath, and high-speed internet access, which I've had 
to live and work without for these past fourteen weeks. On
the other hand, I'll lack the corrective capacities which
being here in Cuba provide. The volume of work going out to
the list will increase with better access.

Thanks to all of you readers who provide me with comments,
praise and criticism. It's all helpful to make for better
results to you, the reader. 

Next edition of these notes will be from Los Angeles.

Walter Lippmann
CubaNews Moderator.

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