[Marxism] Asian and Australasian industrial protest roundup

Jurriaan Bendien bendien at tomaatnet.nl
Sat Feb 21 05:54:47 MST 2004

Over 7,000 teachers in Riau province, Indonesia, struck on February against
the expulsion of the Air Tiris High School principal, Abdul Latif, from an
education conference on February 5. (...)
About 1,000 workers at candy manufacturer PT Super Worldwide Foodstuff
Industry in Tangerang went on strike on February 16 to demand reduction of
the working from six days to five. (...)

Health workers in Negros Oriental [Philippines] are spearheading a national
campaign to have all health workers' wages increased by 100 percent. (...)

Public transport workers in the Philippines have taken strike action over
the last two weeks against fuel price hikes, which rose by 100 percent in
January. (...)

Workers and labour activists in Taipei demonstrated on February 18 against
the treatment of guest workers by local employers. The protest was sparked
by the alleged sexual assault of a Filipino maid named Rose by former vice
presidential candidate Elmer Fung. (...)

On February 17, over 300 Malaysian rubber estate workers in Putrajaya
demonstrated outside the Ministry of Human Resources. The workers, who have
formed a group called the Estate Community Support Committee, were
protesting over plantation living conditions. (...)

On February 14, a worker in South Korea burnt himself to death at Hyundai
Heavy Industries in protest over the treatment of casual and guest workers.
The man, known only as Park, left a suicide note with the slogan "no more
discrimination against non-regular workers". (...)

More than 100 workers from the Velan Textile Factory Mazdoor Organisation in
Chamarajanagar, Karnataka state, demonstrated on February 16 against the
company's "anti-worker" policies. (...)

Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) workers [in Pakistan] are
continuing their campaign against the proposed privatisation of the
Faisalabad Electric Supply Company and Jamshorro Power House. On February
11, hundreds demonstrated outside the Quetta press club against the
government's plans. (...)

Overtime bans imposed by 300 train drivers in NSW to highlight the acute
shortage of drivers and many other issues are to be lifted. Meetings of
about 200 drivers on February 17 agreed to lift the bans but only for a
"trial period". (...)

Teachers employed at the Correctional Centre in Goulburn [Australia] voted
this week to go on strike on March 3, after the NSW Labor government refused
to pay a 5.5 percent interim salary increase recently awarded to teachers
working in other correctional centres. (...)

New Zealand manufacturing workers concluded a series of mass stop-work
meetings this week. The meetings involved hundreds of workers from
Wellington, Auckland, New Plymouth, Napier and Wanganui and were called to
prepare a log-of-claims for a multi-employer "Metals" collective employment
agreement. (...)

Complete text: http://www.wsws.org/articles/2004/feb2004/labo-f21.shtml

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