[Marxism] Chasing Judith Miller off the Stage...

Derek Seidman derektheredrebel at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 21 11:18:39 MST 2004

Watch Her Run!
Chasing Judith Miller Off the Stage

When I heard that the New York Times correspondent
Judith Miller was going to be speaking at a local
campus last week, I was eager to check her out. Ever
since I read Pulitzer Prize winner Samantha Power's
atrocious review of Noam Chomksy's "Hegemony or
Survival" in the Times book review last month, I've
been increasingly on the lookout for these
intellectual-defenders of an "enlightened" imperialism
. Moreover, seeing Judith Miller (also a Pulitzer
winner) was especially enticing, as she has been
embroiled in controversy for her role in the Iraq war.


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