[Marxism] Marxism] RE: Northern Ireland Beyond the Troubles

Richard Roper richard_roper at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 21 13:27:14 MST 2004

Yes, I'm afraid it looks like it.

I recently did an execise searching the internet for
Northern Ireland information challenged by someone
taking the position of the writer, and was shocked to
discover this was true, challenging my previously held
beliefs, having seen many of the events unfold.

The NICRA was um...er.. actually a Republican front
organisation and part of a campaign soley concerned
with bringing about an All-Ireland republic and
traditional republican lines. This was part of a
camapign carefully planned for the prevoius ten years,
and noe admitted as so.

i don't know what the sources are for the Official IRA
doing some fighting, but what i have found suggests
the Southern government encourages a carefully
selected faction with promises of arms, not liking
their marxism.

The have become the Worker's prty - whose statements 
i largely agree with - amongst other things not liking
guns thirty years ago because the didn't like the idea
of alienating  the protestant working class  and
wishing to do working class  politics north and south
of the border with the working class because of their

Shades of Connally!
Meanwhile the Social Democrat and Labour Party has
become simply a bourgeoise nationalist party if ever
there was on, being desribed as the social democrats
having left years ago, and the disillusioned irish
socialist group having left or being pushed out before
that because they said it was too nationalist. it is
flavour of the month in washington, where it has
extensive links and in London with the Blairites. Also
the players seem anxoius to get the irish Republic
into NATO.

I appear to have been proved wrong in what has been
written or come out.

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