[Marxism] Pithy comment from Prof Kassie Fleisher re The Snow Is Melting

Hunter Gray hunterbadbear at earthlink.net
Sat Feb 21 17:35:42 MST 2004

the snow is melting, but not you.  keep kicking ass.  we need you here.

[Note by Hunter Bear:  Kass has a fine book coming out very soon in the
Spring via SUNY Press:  The Bear River Massacre -- a hideous January 1863
Anglo military attack on hundreds of peaceful Shoshone Indians, south of
here.  About 250 Indians were killed -- including about 90 women and
children. Kass was a grad student of mine  and, years later, I was one of a
few readers authorized by SUNY Press to read and comment on her fine
manuscript.  It's a great book.]


When you cut to the bone  and cut away the college degrees, academic and
other titles, published books and articles, ours is essentially a working
class and Indian family.  We consistently join unions  -- and we always
support them with the greatest vigor.

It's critical to always keep fighting -- and to always remember that, if one
lives with grace, he/she should be prepared to die with grace.

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