[Marxism] Re.: The end of the world as we know it? Awake! Arise!

Chris Brady cdbrady at sbcglobal.net
Sun Feb 22 03:48:09 MST 2004

Capitalism is based on waste.  All the talk about Nader or Greens or
some Democrat instead of Bush seems beside the point.  The capitalist
road is humanity's fast lane to doom.  The bourgeoisie, however, will
put up walls, surround them with moats, pull in guards with advanced
weaponry--and further grind down the masses to afford it.  A dystopian
science fiction nightmare scenario approaches.  Will the people storm
the castle before it's built?  Will our world come to its senses before
it's too late?  Or will the tempests rage, the seas rise, and the crowds
of all ages tear each other to pieces and drown beyond the pale of the
keep?  Deep foreboding trips into delight as Apocalyptic Christians
close to the President pray to their Almighty GOD: "Yea, Lord, bring it
on! The End of Days is at hand. O, Rapture!  The Messiah comes!"  While
multimillionaires, like the insect Eminence Grease, rub their mandibles
with delight as they anticipate the ultimate in Social Darwinist

Now is the time for all good parties to come to the aid of the people.
For the good of all we need a new and improved order for the good of

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