[Marxism] a unique leverage issue

Craven, Jim JCraven at clark.edu
Sun Feb 22 11:43:38 MST 2004

Where a "wedge issue" is typically one that divides and causes people to
become entrenched in their respective positions, a leverage issue can be
one that causes people to examine other issues and perhaps even change
from previous positions. I just had an example of this the other day
which might offer a lesson for organizing.
Leonardo de Vinci once wrote: "For once you have tasted flight you will
walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward; for there you have been,
and there you long to return." Indeed all the real pilots I know: a) do
turn their eyes skyward when a plane passes over (astro-projecting
themselves into the cockpit of the plane passing over to visualize what
the instruments are likely reading, what procedures the pilot is
following and the view from above); b) live in dread of their next
flight physical the older they get; my father and some of his oldtimer
friends used to find a friendly flight surgeon who would, shall we say,
look more "holistically" and sympathetically when doing his physicals. I
have been on the ground for over two years due to medical issues and
miss being in the air every day.
Well a colleague of mine, a hard-core Bush supporter, a Vietnam-era
veteran and fellow pilot and I were out talking and watching planes
flying the pattern at nearby Pearson Air Park. He told me that his "Type
II diabetes" was kicking his ass and was worried about busting a
medical. He asked how long I had been grounded and I told him a bit more
than two years and that for now, my simulator has to do to try and keep
up my skills. 
I asked him: "What kind of a real pilot would, after getting the
advantage of over $1 million being spent on him to teach him to fly, and
having access to F-102s to fly,
and claiming to be pro-military while there was a nationwide pilot
shortage, claim that his personal physician (not a flight surgeon) was
not available and then refuse to take a flight physical (he would have
no trouble passing if drug testing were not part of it) effectively
grounding himself with at least two years of flight status and duty
ahead of him? My colleague said: "As usual you mean Bush". I said "Yes,
and his buddy James R. Bath, who also refused to take the required
flight physical at the same time." My colleague asked: "Who was or is
James R. Bath?" I answered: "Instead of taking my word for it, as
rabidly anti-Bush as I am, why not do a google search on Mr. Bath and
see what you find; I'll give you a hint: James Bath, at the time, in
addition to being a "Guard buddy" of L'il George, was a principal
representative of the bin Laden family in Huston."  I noted to my
colleague that "every time I see Bush wearing a military uniform,
particularly with air force wings on it, my blood boils as L'il George
wouldn't make a wart on a real pilot's or real soldier's ass." He asked
if Bush's "honorable discharge" was not sufficient evidence that Bush
had done his Guard duty and I noted that the same family wealth, name
and connections that got him into the Guard, 12 days before his
deferment was up, ahead of over 100,000 on a national waiting list and
ahead of over 500 on a Texas Air Guard waiting list and with a 25
percentile score on the airman's aptitude exam, could easily be employed
to get him an "honorable discharge" he didn't deserve. Further, even if
the charge was not AWOL (Absent Without Leave), certainly a charge of
AWPL (Absent With Privileged Leave) was appropriate. I also noted for
him to check out when random drug testing was initiated in the Texas Air
Guard (April 1972, the very month Bush made his last flight in a F-102).
Well this colleague has now come back, after doing a google-search on
James R. Bath, finding out about the CIA connections, the leading role
in the BCCI scandals, his role in arming Saddam and the Taliband on
behalf of the Saudi Royal family, etc and now he says "it looks like [I]
simply cannot vote for Bush and wants some more information. I lent him
Hatfield's "Fortunate Son" plus some more information on the origins of
the wealth and connections of the Bush empire (financing Hitler from
1924 onward, trading with the enemy during war time by selling nazi
bonds after Pearl Habor, $1.5 million in "equity" from a synfuel plant
at Auschwitz in partnership with Fritz Thyssen, etc) . I told him to
please spread the information around to all his Bush-supporter buddies.
Some of the smallest and apparently least significant issues can indeed
be used as leverage to much bigger and more significant issues depending
upon how they are approached and handled. I plan to write pilot
associations and magazines to put that one simple question: "What kind
of real pilot would refuse to take a flight physical
and ground himself/herself (aftr declaring in his Guard application that
he wanted to make a lifetime career of flying) and should such an
individual wear the wings of a pilot?"
Jim C.
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