[Marxism] RE: Voting by the U.S. Left--and the main stategicgoalof2004

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Sun Feb 22 12:00:47 MST 2004


Go to the link I gave on the initial post and it gives the official
totals for the earlier third party movements. 

The great failing of this method is the fact that not everyone who votes
for what they see to be a progressive third party will do it
persistently.  Many don't change to vote Democratic but just stop
voting.  Or nonvoters, like me usually, may got to the polls if they
think a third party is going to have a big enough splash.

The rest of this discussion is pure blue skying about will or won't be
important.  That's a matter for what happens off this list.

Mark L.

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