[Marxism] RE: Voting by the U.S. Left--and the mainstategicgoalof2004

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at alphalink.com.au
Sun Feb 22 16:13:08 MST 2004

Mark wrote a bit earlier in the discussion:

>>[Tony]describes the biggest problem we face as the fact "that the
majority of the US population sees the whole process as rigged and
therefore they feel that their participation is quite meaningless."  
(Clearly, what we see as the problem depends on what project we are
pursuing.  What Tony sees as the biggest problem is what I see as a crisis
of legitimacy for the ruling class.)<<

The maddening thing is that is it's both. The ruling class lacks
legitimacy, the system lacks legitimacy, but in the absence of some kind of
convincing left alternative, people can lapse into passivity and
demoralisation. Not voting can be a protest but it can also be a kind of
defeat; most of the time it's probably some mixture of the two.

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