[Marxism] Forwarding a Moving Striking Workers' Rally Ground Report from Left Hook [rough version]

M. Junaid Alam junaidalam at msalam.net
Sun Feb 22 19:28:51 MST 2004

from Left Hook discussion list:

Last night I helped and took part in an event that was one of the most 
remarkable events I have ever expierenced. I started out with simple 
idea to organize a benefit and show a video on the UFCW strike and 
simply pass the hat. Well I started working with two other people and 
for the last two weeks we have been building this event to get Bay Area 
Safeway workers involved and the rest of the general Bay Area population.
I was very nervous right before it started having a fear that it would 
flop. When we started at 7:30 there were about 45 people or so but the 
number kept growing. By the time we showed the video and some of the 
rank-file workers spoke, one Guy named Gary spoke about his son who 
thinks he has to drop out of college becuase of the economic hardship. 
He started crying and the audience gave him a very supportive applause. 
The next rank-file'r speaker spoke about her friend dying on the line 
from nmonia and how she was one of the most militant picketers at her 
store. By the time we had a our last speaker the hall was packed and 
loud applauses would take place with idea of an injury to one is an 
injury to all. When the discussion came about, an old man who was 80 
came up and started crying becuase he saw the strikers as his sons and 
duaghters and anounced that he was donating 700 dollors, one penny for 
each worker on strike. At that point many audience members started 
crying a nd a few striking workers from the audience walked up in tears 
and gave him a hug before he could finish talking.

The rest of the night there were series of militant declerations from 
people in how we should fight like never before becuase our future was 
on the line. At the event a feeling of  deep passionate conviction 
towards the workers movement, penetarted the room that no one was imune 
to. At the end of the night, I anounced that we made 2,183 dollars for 
the strike. We finished with a roaring applause and a spontanteous 
outburst of singing solidarity for ever where everyone grabed each 
others hands and held them high in the sky.
Ill write a piece on it for Left Hook
It was the best event I have ever organized,
I will remember it forerver.


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