[Marxism] All Roots Don't Dance (From *Tikkun* To Spinoza)

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> From: "Jeff Rubard":
> Wow, I don't know about "all good parties", or new and improved orders,
> and I happen to be partial to fascist insects for some odd reason.  What
> is your political stance?  Are you a Marxist?  What kind?  Are you more
> akin to those International Working People's Association ("Black
> International")
> folks?  Do you vote Democratic?  Why?  Really, leaving the issue to one
> side
> what is your brief?  We could all stand to have material of this nature
> but perhaps
> you are really offering more.
> Chris Brady:
> Derech eretz, tzedek, tikkun olam. Basically.

Based on Intertranslation I get:

1) Manners we should know

I've asked you before whether or not you were a Jew, not for the purpose
of gaining this piece of information but to indicate something: formerly
it was actually quite offensive in the US to cleave to the OT too closely,
*really* for Jews as well as non-Jews but partially because of widespread
exegetical expertise.  Roughly half a decade ago, this wouldn't anything
you'd spring on somebody (*Michael Lerner* wouldn't be talking to you like
that); there'd be something which would coordinate you more closely.  But
perhaps that's not the whole story.

2) Justice

Question: really, aren't injunctions involving *tzedek* (which others here
will know well enough) as or *more* ambiguous than the Greek *didonai
diken*?  Answer: a old-style US Spinozist would tend to think so, on
account of the *Tractatus Theologico-Politicus* (a work I've recently been
reading with great interest, as it almost offers something like a
"neural-net" model of republicanism through an analysis of the Jewish
people as the "original" republic, as well as extremely incisive
hermeneutic points for the materially inclined).

Repairing/perfecting the world

Recently learned: this is a phrase out of Isaac Luria, the Kabbalist
mystic.  Although I wasn't invited to have an opinion, nor do I really
have much of one, I don't like Kabbalism for reasons indicated above plus
another: this is essentially Fichte's vocation of man and "this happened
once before".  As I said, I don't know that any of this is really all that
offensive by the standards of the present time but I insist you learn the
traditional injunction of Marxist socialism: Voerwarts, Avanti, get it. 
Really, although Greek models may be tired and insufficient you've got an
awful lot of work to do to reconstitute an adequate left-wing political
analysis out of such thoughts: and if that's not what you're doing, I
suspect you're not really among friends.


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