[Marxism] Jews named "Christopher" are rare, but...

Chris Brady cdbrady at sbcglobal.net
Mon Feb 23 14:58:19 MST 2004

> From: "Jeff Rubard":
> I've asked you before whether or not you were a Jew...

I don't recall that question.
I did meet a Jewish grad student whose brother was named Chris.  Their
parents were Marxists (I forget their affiliation), therefore not
religious.  They had a good friend called Chris, and named their son
after him. ("Mohammed" is another name Jewish parents do not usually
select for their children.)  In my case, however, my full name is an
accurate indicator of my Irish genealogy.  I have, however, spent years
living “abroad” as it were, and meeting many folks from many different
backgrounds.  As in our discussion of Latino/a nicknames, it seems to me
that meaning can be contextual as well as cultural.  But words can be
appropriated and their meanings redirected.  (E.g.: Can a “res publica”
predate the culture and language that created the term, i.e., the SPQR?
Irregardless... [sic])  Social context provides meaning, in a material
sense.  Hence, I have encountered Jews from religious backgrounds who
became Marxists and yet recognize no contradiction in their dedication
to derech eretz (ethical and kind behavior), tzedek (justice), and
tikkun olam (repairing the world), and their devotion to socialist
revolution—and, in fact, argue that socialist revolution may be the only
possible route to the attainment of these ideals together.

By any other name,
I remain

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