[Marxism] The Pentagon's Weather Warning in FORTUNE; & my musings.

Chris Brady cdbrady at sbcglobal.net
Mon Feb 23 22:58:01 MST 2004

The Pentagon's Weather Nightmare
The climate could change radically, and fast.
That would be the mother of all national security issues.
By David Stipp, FORTUNE, Monday, January 26, 2004

[Marxist musings:

As anticipated, the impulse to buttress Fortress America is broached.
It should be breached.  Why don’t these pundits ever see the potential
of defusing crisis reactions by sharing?  Why do rich Colombians prefer
to flee their country than to countenance any conciliation with the
leftist guerrillas, or labor organizers, or the poor?  Why does the USA
explode billions in bombs and buildings, let alone bodies, in a country
it finds “uncooperative” when it could get a happy alliance with half
that amount judiciously donated to that country’s people?  Think what
would have happened if JFK had sent tractors to Cuba after the Rev,
instead of gusanos to Playa Girón.  Capitalism makes people stupid and
greedy.  We should be anticipating trans-national, international,
meta-national, super-national ways and means to avert massive calamity
on a global scale. Instead descending into paroxysms of paranoia about
defending a region against famished hordes, why not feed people?

People are really astounding during a crisis, when they all have to work
together and help each other.  It rips my heart out.  You see it over
and over again, after a tornado, after a hurricane, or an earthquake, or
big fire.  People get together and share, drop their inhibitions, and
discover deep, ample wells of pure generosity.  People dig til they
drop, bare hands, without a thought of any reward other than the
salvation of a fellow human.  Humans find their humanity exists in

Why wait for disaster? Because if the conditions of life become
incessantly horrific, and unremittingly vicious, then good, decent
people can lose their humanity.  We saw it in Donner Pass, Dachau, the
Balkans War, in sinking boats
  Do we have the presence of mind to
choose a future for humanity?  That hope, our chance, is socialism.

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