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Tony Abdo gojack10 at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 23 23:42:22 MST 2004

I have to say, that I first began to suspect that Norman was a total jerk, 
when he began his campaign against Dilbert in comic strip land.    But his 
current job as hatchet man for the DP liberal crowd really leaves no doubt.  
    He has gone at the entire idea of any sort of third party or liberal 
oriented independent campaign like an enraged pit bull.    I doubt that 
there is any DP candidate that Ol' Stormin' Norman wouldn't be pushing for 
today if he was to be the final DP run against Bush.

Let's look at his brand of oft-stated crapola just published on the Common 
Dreams site...    some comments added.
Tony Abdo

Published on Monday, February 23, 2004 by TomPaine.com
Nader's Tin Ear
by Norman Solomon

<<With his announcement Sunday on "Meet the Press" that he's running for 
president in 2004, Ralph Nader appears to be politically tone deaf in a year 
when the crying need to defeat George W. Bush could hardly be louder or more 

Poor Norm.   It's not that Nader is the 'tone deaf' one, it's he who is.     
To Nader's argument that a strong campaign by him actually HELPS the DP go 
more liberal and actually compete against the RP, he and other liberals of 
like ilk, never have a reply.    It's just that they are so addicted to the 
'lesser of two evils' format, that the race must stay purely that for them 
to be satisfied.

<<After decades of helping to build progressive movements, Nader has now 
launched a presidential campaign that is—at best—tactically oblivious to 
many of those movements. After a career of demanding political 
accountability, he has opted for an "independent" candidacy that makes him 
accountable to no institution but himself.    Nader is proceeding so that 
not a single guideline, from the Green Party or any other collective entity, 
will have the power to deter him from campaigning wherever and however he 
sees fit. If Nader—in effect, making decisions as the unremovable CEO of his 
presidential race—wants to campaign for votes in closely contested states, 
that's the way it's gonna be.>>

Well here's the essence of people like Dugger, Moore, and Stormin' Norm.     
They are Greens themselves!    But only when the DP is already in.    If the 
RP is in, then they are not Green anymore.   They are more like bright 
cowardly yellow.    Or is it not so bright?    And the poor egotistical and 
deluded Ralph will not submit to their control!    He must be eliminated.

<<By any measure, large numbers of Americans who supported Nader's campaign 
in 2000 do not intend to vote for him this time. But mainstream radio and TV 
producers are likely to be more hospitable; their professional concerns 
revolve around putting on a good show, not defeating Bush.>>

To think that this buffoon holds himself up as a specialist on the 
capitalist media just boggles the mind!    Norm ignores the fact that the 
media will actually sabotage Nader's campaign same as they did in the  2000 
run for president, and bemoans the fact that the media will give him any 
attention at all.    But he assures us that it will not ultimately matter 
still, since liberals have learned their lesson that a third political party 
delivers us nothing but sorrow.

<<After getting 2.7 percent of the popular vote in a razor-thin presidential 
contest, Nader has become more capable of presenting himself to media as an 
electoral player—while regard for him among progressives has plummeted.>>

Translated, Nader will speak the truth, and still turn out votes for his 
candidacy.   Just the week before, Stormin' Norman was making fun of Nader's 
claims that liberals were out to censor him.     This week, Norman is crying 
about how bad it is that Nader cannot be censored!    What a jerk!

<<In the world of political spin, television is a very big gear—but to have 
sustained impact it needs to mesh its sizable teeth with other gears that 
are close to the ground. Nationally, Nader's on-the-ground machinery has 
rusted and fallen into severe disrepair.>>

That is the Green Party people he is talking about with glee.

<<Obviously, Ralph Nader finds his own priorities to be compelling, but as a 
practical matter they seem indifferent to the task of building viable 
progressive coalitions.>>

Now Norman blames Nader for not building the structure that he just gloated 
about himserlf, as having fallen into disrepair.     Great hatchet job, 

<<Getting onto networks as a talking head is a very different matter than 
serving the interests of activism for the long haul. The post-election 
scarcity of momentum from Nader's 2000 race speaks volumes. His independent 
campaign this year offers even less beneficial prospects.>>

Stormin' Norm calls Nader a "talking head' starting back with the 2000 race. 
     But these are Norm's words back then in 2000...."Many millions of 
Americans are repelled by this "clear-cut choice" between Al Gore and George 
W. Bush. But the Times proclaimed that "the public deserves to see the major 
party candidates compete on an uncluttered playing field." (What did we do 
to deserve this?)"

Well, Norm, what did Nader do to have a talking head like you turn on him as 
some sort of devil incarnate?      You really buy into that nonsense that 
Nader won the election for Bush, don't you?    Now you want that 
"uncluttered playing field"just like the New York Times, O Repentent Sinner, 
you!    Noirman Solomon defected from his role of Green Party Sympatizer, 
and now blames Nader for being a candidate outside the Greens!    Stormin' 
Norm takes the cake he does.

<<w that Nader has made his decision, people who are more interested in 
preventing a second term for the Bush-Rove administration should avoid 
compounding the likely destructive aspects of Nader's 2004 campaign. Among 
the advisable approaches: Never stoop to personal invective. (It's pointless 
and counterproductive.) Ditch the term "spoiler." (It's a stupid word that 
leads to canned arguments.) Keep our eyes on the prize. (Organize, organize, 
organize. And vote Bush out.)>>

What a saint this guy, Norman Solomon is!

<< a recent interview, referring to this year's presidential race, Noam 
Chomsky pointed out:

The current incumbents may do severe, perhaps irreparable, damage if given 
another hold on power—a very slim hold, but one they will use to achieve 
very ugly and dangerous ends. In a very powerful state, small differences 
may translate into very substantial effects on the victims, at home and 
abroad. It is no favor to those who are suffering, and may face much worse 
ahead, to overlook these facts. Keeping the Bush circle out means holding 
one's nose and voting for some Democrat, but that's not the end of the 
story. The basic culture and institutions of a democratic society have to be 
constructed, in part reconstructed, and defeat of an extremely dangerous 
clique in the presidential race is only one very small component of that.>>

Norm now pulls out his heavy cannon obtained from the group over at Znet 
called Unenthusiastic Anarchists for Kerry.    See, he says, there is a yet 
mre pathetic endorsement of the DP ticket than mine, even.    We are mere 
pragmatists, and not idealists who see no difference between the two major 
parties of US capitalism.    We even corralled Noam Chomsky into the panic 
and stampede of 2004.

Congratulations for you, Norman Solomon.    You must be proud to have roped 
the aging and tired Noam into the aging and tired Two Party Monty.    
However, he did not leap into this like a pit bull like you have done.

<<Norrman Solomon is the author of The Habits of Highly Deceptive Media. He 
writes Media Beat, a nationally syndicated column.>>

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