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UCLA Education Professor Peter McLaren's 'Life in Schools' Ranked in Top 
12 Significant Writings of Foreign Authors

Date: February 12, 2004
Contact: Shaena Engle ( engle at gseis.ucla.edu )
Phone: 310-206-5951

UCLA education Professor Peter McLaren's book, "Life in Schools: An 
Introduction to Critical Pedagogy in the Foundations of Education" 
(Allyn and Bacon), has been named one of the 12 most significant 
writings by foreign authors in the field of educational theory, policy 
and practice by the Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences.

In 2003 the Moscow school established an international panel of experts 
who generated an initial list of 300 publications and then selected the 
top 12. The chosen works will be translated into Russian by one of 
Russia's top publishers.

"I am extremely honored to be included in such a prestigious list. In 
addition to being recognized by my peers, it is especially moving to me 
to be named alongside such great authors as Paulo Freire, Jerome Bruner, 
Pierre Bourdieu and Basil Bernstein," McLaren said.

"Peter's book, 'Life in Schools,' is both a classic and an ever-fresh 
challenge to educators. I am glad to see that the work of this 
internationally acclaimed educator, social theorist and pioneer of 
critical pedagogy will be made readily available to Russian readers," 
said UCLA's Graduate School of Education & Information Studies Dean 
Aimée Dorr.

The first edition of "Life in Schools" was published in 1989 as an 
expanded version of McLaren's 1980 Canadian bestseller, "Cries From the 
Corridor," a book that documented his years as an inner-city elementary 
school teacher. In "Life in Schools," he criticized the pedagogy that he 
practiced as a classroom teacher and developed a new theoretical and 
political framework for teaching for social justice, which provided the 
foundation for what has come to be known as critical pedagogy.

McLaren taught elementary and middle school in Toronto, Canada, while 
earning a master's of education degree at Brock University's College of 
Education and a Ph.D. at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education 
at the University of Toronto. After earning his doctorate in 1983, he 
left his native Canada to teach at Miami University of Ohio and was 
appointed renowned scholar-in-residence at Miami University's School of 
Education and Allied Professions in 1990.

In 1993 he began teaching at UCLA and is currently a professor of 
education in the Division of Urban Schooling at the Graduate School of 
Education & Information Studies.

McLaren has written and edited approximately 40 books and monographs on 
critical pedagogy, the sociology of education, critical literacy, 
critical ethnography, cultural studies and social theory. His works have 
been translated into 11 languages.

McLaren became the inaugural recipient of the Paulo Freire Social 
Justice Award in 2003 from the School of Education at Chapman College in 
California and has also received a Lilly Scholarship at the Miami 
University of Ohio. He guest-lectured at the University of British 
Columbia as a noted scholar, presented the Eminent Scholar Lecture at 
Ohio State University and delivered the Claude A. Eggerston Lecture at 
the annual meeting of the Comparative and International Education Society.

Additionally, three of his books were winners of the American Education 
Studies Association Critics' Choice Awards for outstanding books in 

Recently, a group of educational scholars and activists in Mexico has 
established La Fundacion McLaren de Pedagogia Critica (The McLaren 
Foundation of Critical Pedagogy) to advance throughout Mexico and Latin 
America McLaren's thinking and that of other critical pedagogues.


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