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> Danielle Ni Dhighe wrote:
> Names can sometimes be deceiving.  My father is named Liam Dee, but his
> mother was Jewish, making him technically Jewish.
> Chris Brady wrote:
>  >"In my case"...
> But right you are, mo mhuirnín.   As you probably know, the once mayor
> of Dublin was a Jew.  Similarly, Chris Brady's darling son's mother is
> Jewish, making him technically Jewish --according to Jewish law.
> However, he also carries in his veins Irish, Scottish, French, Spanish,
> Italian, German, Danish, and if we go back far enough, so we are told,
> African blood.  Walking down the Calle Bernardo O'Higgins in Santiago de
> Chile, he was a gringo, like me.

Well, that's wonderful, and one of the reasons I support Clark for president
is that he understands the pressures of assimilation very well: not only
pressure to "fit in", but also to "fit out" (a recurring theme in
as I've previously mentioned here).  But you don't walk down "calles" in
America as a gringo, and although Irish Gaelic is a beautiful language (I
have a friend who can even speak the damn thing) there's no Hebrew roots;
one might even be tempted to extemporize if the OT calls you.  And
although I feel as
though I've been singling you out for something you do not bear much of a
share in
apologies are gladly granted for language that looms (you were almost
spitting on
Spinoza, an authentic Marxist hero) and that's a point worth making.

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