[Marxism] Voting by the U.S. Left--and the main stategic goalof 2004

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Feb 25 07:14:11 MST 2004

Marvin Gandall wrote:
> Go for it, if you think there are some people worth talking to there.
> People do adjust their views in light of changing circumstances and
> argument. Nor would I let Casey deter you; he’s abrasive, but that’s
> something we all learn to live with -- not only on the left, but in
> society, right? Show respect for others and some decorum, and I think
> you'll surprise yourself with how much progress you can make.

I don't think you got my point--not surprising. I am not concerned about 
people being abusive to me, that is the least of my worries obviously. I 
am talking about wasting my time. Casey's list is filled with people who 
have a long history of anti-Communism. They made conscious choices long 
ago about their relationship to US imperialism. Despite my reputation 
for contentiousness, I actually prefer to have a calm discussion with 
like-minded people.


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