[Marxism] Canadian Rail Strike Continues

Jon Flanders jonathan.flanders at verizon.net
Wed Feb 25 08:42:53 MST 2004

Ford Sends Home Workers
 Amid Canadian Rail Strike

 MONTREAL -- Major disruptions continued in the country's auto industry 
Tuesday due to the strike at Canadian National amid union calls for work
disruptions at other industries that use the rail service.

 Ford of Canada had to send home 3,700 dayshift workers from three
assembly  plants in Ontario after some members of the Canadian Auto
Workers union  refused to load and unload CN railcars in solidarity with
5,000 CAW  members on strike at CN.

 Ford's car assembly plant in St. Thomas, and pickup truck and minivan 
plants in Oakville, west of Toronto, sent home its dayshift workers.
The CAW represents about 5,000 Canadian
 National shopcraft, clerical and  intermodal-yard workers in Canada.

 CAW president Buzz Hargrove said he has met with Ford officials and
added  that the union is trying to get all industries to avoid shipping
with  Canadian National, including the auto-parts industry, mining, and

 "We're encouraging all the industries we deal with to find alternate
sources of transportation during this dispute with CN," said
 Ford also had to send home 1,450 assembly workers on Monday due to the
CN  strike.

 CN said the work stoppages are company decisions and added its railcars
have delivered the goods on time to the assembly plants and stand by to
take the finished cars and trucks.
 In New York Stock Exchange composite trading, CN's shares finished
0.4%  higher at $60.10.

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