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Wed Feb 25 11:55:46 MST 2004

President George W. Bush – a man of no redeeming moral values who kills 
people on behalf of his personal God, has urged approval of a constitutional 
amendment banning state sanctioned same sex union - marriage. The President gave his 
rationale for why the state – government, should dictate intimate human 
relations as part of his program to create a government the brands anyone a 
terrorists who disagree with him and his family. 
Should the state determine and impact our intimate relationships or should 
government be charged with protecting the economic interest of the American 
people and the health of the planet? 
Bush skillful maneuver hides the fact that the state has no right to 
determine who lives with whom or who has sex with whom or who can seek a permanent 
monogamous or not so monogamous relationship with who ever an individual chooses. 
Sexual intimacy between consenting adults is a sovereign act. 
Marriage – state sanctioned, is an expression of property and ownership 
rights. As such it should be abolished. Marriage as it exists today is a 
manifestation of women oppression, exploitation and humiliation. Same sex between 
individuals is part of the human drama and predates classes and division of labor in 
Bush claims that to redefine marriage is to “change the fundamental 
institution of civilization.” This is a lie.
The most fundamental institution of a civilization is the group or 
collective, as they are productively active and propagate the species. The group of 
collective develops in its social life are riveted to a given state of development 
of the productive forces or the technological regime.  Society has long ago 
pass beyond agricultural relations – landed property, which necessitates large 
family collectives and gave a certain historical legitimacy on the part of the 
state to re enforce the property form of marriage and subjugate women. 
Human progression most certainly evolved from male and female reproduction, 
but not civilization. Civilization emerges on the basis of means of production 
or the material power of production and rises and fall based on the expansion 
and the contraction of productive forces, exchange and distribution. 
The issue of state sanctioned marriage is a property relation and is to be 
abolished along with property. The state should not have the right to issue; 
much less withhold marriage certification between individuals or groups – period. 
>From time to time that issue of spouse and children societal benefits, as 
state sanctioned legal rights, is raised as a reason to “expand” the sovereign 
rights of the individual, as these rights exist in relationship to the state. 
Well, abolition of the state beginning with its right top determine legitimacy. 

The state should not have the right to determined human access to medical 
care, food, water, education, transportation, shelter, dental care, technology or 
anything available in our society. State sanctioned marriage is a property 
relation that condemns the working class spouses and children to poverty or 
The bourgeoisie has opposed the communist approach to intimacy and marriage 
since the Communist Manifesto. Sexual intimacy is a sovereign right that must 
forever be placed outside the prying eyes and jurisdiction of the state and 
government authority. The issue of the form of sex between consenting adults 
should never be subject to political fiat and the whim of political groups. 
The question of the sovereign rights of the individual is posed as “gay 
marriage” in the ideological sphere and gutted of its essence, in order to 
politically consolidate the most reactionary and fascistic elements in American 
Marriage as a property relation and the sovereign rights of the individual is 
the essence of the Women Question. The essence of the Women Question – 
factor, in American society is best witnessed in the wretched poverty of the 
communist class and their children. The so-called nuclear family began collapse over 
fifty years ago and accelerated with changes in the technological regime that 
no longer required family units as the base of industrial production. The 
women was detached – and with her children, as appendages to the male as property 
holder and wage earner and driven deeper into poverty. 
The solution to poverty does not reside in expanding the rights of the state 
to define “legitimacy” but the abolition of property and the right of the 
state to issue license bearing on the sovereign rights of the individual. Ones 
opinion on human sexuality and the behavior of consenting adults is not at 
issue. Nor is it a question of how the state defines “union” between individuals. 
The state has no right – as state and governmental authority, to even discuss 
the issue much less issue certificates. 
As a rule of thump any policy supported by our government is generally used 
against the working class, domestically and internationally. 
“Gay marriage?” 
Abolition of property and the rights of the state that collide with the 
sovereign rights of the individual. Abolition of marriage. 
Melvin P. 

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