[Marxism] Re: Mel Gibson and Opus Dei

Ed George edgeorge at usuarios.retecal.es
Wed Feb 25 14:11:46 MST 2004

On Opus Dei, here's a snippet from the note I wrote on Spanish state
politics last June (it's in the archives).

'Aside from the traditional Catholic Church, which in Spain is in part
financed through the public tax system (direct payments to the Church in
2001 amounted to some approximately €120 million, not including state
funding for religious teachers in public schools, military and hospital
chaplains, and other indirect assistance), we also have to take note of
the influence of the fundamentalist and highly secretive sect Opus Dei,
which enjoys a heavy influence in governmental circles. The Defence
Minister Federico Trillo, for example, is an Opus Dei 'supernumerary', a
member of the organisation's elite who tithe it a share of their
earnings. Other prominent Opus supporters include Spain's Attorney
General Jesús Cardenal, the former police chief Juan Cotino, and three
former ministers, Isabel Tocino, José Manuel Romay and Loyola de
Palacio, the last of these now a European Commissioner. The present
Foreign Minister, the deeply strange Ana Palacio, attended last year's
canonisation of Opus Dei founder José María Escriva in Rome. Aznar
himself sent two of his children to Opus Dei schools and his wife, Ana
Botella, a political figure in her own right, is at least openly
sympathetic, if not an actual member.'

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