[Marxism] Norman Solomon versus Peter Camejo

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Wed Feb 25 15:47:55 MST 2004

Louis Proyect wrote:
> John Lacny, a young
> radical in Pittsburgh who used to be a subscriber here until terminal
> Serbophobia got in the way, has really perfected the CPUSA rhetoric. On
> Henwood's list, he says things like "Nader is attempting to split the
> People's Front against the regime, which makes him an objective ally of
> Bush. Period." Get that stuff about splitting the People's Front against
> the regime? That's vintage CPUSA from 1940. Like listening to the
> Almanac Singers or reading Mike Gold.

I have on occasion argued that the CP decision to support Roosevelt in
1936 was the single greatest political error in u.s. history. Be that as
it may, the CPUSA was at one time a noble institution albeit with many
warts. John Lacny is rapidly becoming one large wart & ought not be
dignified with comparisons to the old CP.

Splitting the People's Front against the Regime, forsooth.


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