[Marxism] Lacny is wack, can't tell verso from the butt-crack

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> Jon Flanders wrote:
>> Oops, Louis is correct. Don't fail to check the debate out. Its very
>> intense. And you can download the mp3 file to a cdr and give to someone
>> who doesn't have internet capabilities.
> I just listened to this. Norman Solomon is amazing. He has perfected the
> CPUSA rhetoric without ever having been a member, as far as I can tell.
> During the 1960s and 70s, the "New Left" emerged as a reaction to LBJ's
> war in Vietnam. People turned against "lesser evil" arguments as part of
> the Old Left, the CP and the SP in particular. The Trotskyists and
> Maoists grew because they rejected the Democrats (that would change in
> the 1980s when many of the Maoists began to lose their fervor.)
> But if you would run into a CP'er, you'd hear all sorts of reasons why
> Nixon or Reagan, etc. had to be stopped. Which really meant voting for a
> Democrat no matter how bad. Even though the CP is not really a very
> popular group on the left, despite doing many worthy things, its
> electoral strategy seems to be carrying the day. John Lacny, a young
> radical in Pittsburgh who used to be a subscriber here until terminal
> Serbophobia got in the way, has really perfected the CPUSA rhetoric. On
> Henwood's list, he says things like "Nader is attempting to split the
> People's Front against the regime, which makes him an objective ally of
> Bush. Period." Get that stuff about splitting the People's Front against
> the regime? That's vintage CPUSA from 1940. Like listening to the
> Almanac Singers or reading Mike Gold.
Okay, Lou is off telling us all about the brave new world with such people
in it.
John Lacny, whom I have broken bread with too few times with for my taste
(i.e...) is a "young-radical-in-Pittsburgh": he's twenty-five and he's an
for SEIU 1199P, which has Allegheny General Hospital as a bargaining unit.
continually warned Lacny against the ISO in *extremely infantile* terms, I
I bear some responsibility (pause for rhetoric identification) concerning
his intellectual
project: namely, to put the lie to *Soviet World of American Communism* as an
unmotivated, "cultured" history of American Stalinism.  That's just what
he wants to sound like, dude, and if you know the guy personally (he
wouldn't be suffering from terminal  Serbophobia) it's a little bit
upsetting at times; but he retains a high regard for the CPUSA in all its
forms and ultimately I've been forced to think about the character of
"Communist representation" in the cultural field (such as figures like
Charlie Parker enjoyed) and many other phenomena differently as a result
of this; and frankly many phenomena of the contemporary "cultural left",
including Saatchi-Saatchi now, would stink to high heaven for members of
the "Communist Political Association".  But if we are not to celebrate
vestiges of "crucibility", I suppose you can go ahead and tell him not to
let his youth go to waste.

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