[Marxism] Drivin' that train, high on Rogaine (was: Lacny and printing)

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> Jon Flanders wrote:
>> Oops, Louis is correct. Don't fail to check the debate out. Its very
intense. And you can download the mp3 file to a cdr and give to someone
who doesn't have internet capabilities.
> I just listened to this. Norman Solomon is amazing. He has perfected the
CPUSA rhetoric without ever having been a member, as far as I can tell.
During the 1960s and 70s, the "New Left" emerged as a reaction to LBJ's
war in Vietnam. People turned against "lesser evil" arguments as part of
the Old Left, the CP and the SP in particular. The Trotskyists and
Maoists grew because they rejected the Democrats (that would change in
the 1980s when many of the Maoists began to lose their fervor.)
But if you want to groove John as a training exercise, I'll tell people
here that Joe Hill's admonition in the original "Casey Jones", "that's
what you get for scabbing on the SP line", is actually all kinds of joke
and to my mind it is incumbent upon anti-Stalinists to seriously consider
the pre-Stalinist American left (including communists) rather than simply
reliving the dreams of one specific Sixties as well as to respect the
union movement.  Honestly, my deeply-held personal opinion is that if
you're too smart to scab you're too smart by half: and this permits of
many permutations, such that I can only see that "unaffiliated" unionists
owe no cause to "dedicated revolutionaries" or even dedicated


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