[Marxism] Norman Solomon versus Peter Camejo

Tony Abdo gojack10 at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 25 21:50:53 MST 2004

Let' s get one thing clear, Eli.   I called Norman Soloman a jerk, more 
because he attacked Dilbert with a book, than because he's yet another 
pitbull for advocating 'voting the lesser of two evils'and censoring Ralph's 
'ego'.   That's commonplace, you know?    But it's in character.

Imagine if you had written a book attacking Snuffy Smith for being a 
reactionary portrait of the Southern working class, or Beetle Bailey for its 
pro-Pentagon advocacy.    Or maybe you were to attack Mallard Fillmore for 
giving a bad name to poultry?   No?     But Norman Soloman, he actually 
thought that Dilbert was a sinster plot to dissipate working class 
rebellion.   So strongly he believed this, that he actually wrote a whole 
book about it, the media expert that he is!    He made 'progressives' appear 
to be buffoons.

Can you think of more a figure that represents the "liberal intelligentsia ( 
Nader's apt phrase) more than Stormin' Norm?    He took Dilbert to task, for 
being too cyncical!    And for that, I call him a jerk.    Maybe Writin' 
Norm needs to work some more, and think less about the theory of Dilbert's 
reaccionary, rotten root?   Or how a vote in State A, may be ok; but a vote 
in state B, might destroy democracy for all time?   Or how telling someone 
to not do what he wants to do, can't possibly be called censorship, or an 
effort to censor!???    Duh...

I did listen to the debate.    Here's how Stormin' Norm started out.... "

You know as progressives....."

Wait a sec, now, Eli!    When I hear that word PROGRESSIVE, a knot forms in 
my stomach.    What does it mean?     We are all for progress are we not?

Progressive as meant by Stormin' Norm, though, really means not progressive 
progressive, but LIBERAL INCREMENTALIST progressive.    So Norm, if he were 
an honest dude, would have started all his drek with.... "You know as 
liberal incrementalists...."      And we all would have better understood 
where he was going.    Because we all know that liberal incrementalists 
believe, that voting the lesser of two evils is a small liberal increment 
forward, whereas voting the more of two evils is a horrible non-increment 
the other way.   A leap backwards!     Scary, right?

Progress (supposed progress)  can only be made in small election gains, 
whereas catastrophes will never occur in increments, but rather with 
damnation, and another four years of Satan as President...   It's let's be 
realistic Norm, he is.    Norm is a media expert, this brilliant theory is 
from an expert, we should think?     A Left expert no less.....

I thought that Camejo responded weakly to this liberal incrementalism 
('progressivism', if you like?) babble.     Here is the only argument that 
Soloman actually had (unoriginal as it surely is)...

"It's essential to get Bush out".

But Camejo never bluntly confronted that nonsense.     Who says it's 
esssential, Norm?    Did God come down and tell you it was so?   Or what?    
  Many of us don't think it is essential.      There have been many 
incrementalists before, not even as limp as the impotent electorialist ones 
like Storming Norm.      There were even incrementalists with guns, who 
thought that removing the individual Hitler would be the increment that 
would be 'progressive' at the time.   Take him out of office, Bang!  Bang! 
was their policy.

But those gun toting liberal incrementalists were wrong, too.     Simply 
because 'fascism'/fascism is/ was about more than Bush/ Hitler.     But our 
media specialist Norm has yet to figure that out!    He's still at Media 101 
here.    And he doesn't even understand the simple concept of what 
censorship is, either.      So he's not only a jerk, I think that he might 
even be a dumb jerk,too.    He thinks that all needs to be done, is to take 
Bush out of office.   WRONG.

He doesn't know the ABC of the political problem at all.     I think Camejo 
should have just stated in so many words...   What you think is essential, 
isn't, Norm.    It's myth and bunk, and you are just copying the same old BS 
to talk about 'essentialism' here.    Enough of this old style "pragmatist" 
arrogance of the liberal.    The vote in 2004 you cast is essential to nada.

And if the antiHitler guntoting liberal incrementalists had succeeded, would 
the Nazis have disintegrated just like that?    Liberal incrementalists ( 
the electorialists) are always thinking that if an election tally would 
swing the way of their lesser of two evils candidate, then 'progress' would 
be made.    Hence, the real meaning of the word PROGRESSIVE, loved and used 
so often by the group Stormin Norm and the Progressives.    But they are 
wrong, it is not essential to get Bush out of office!    He's doing a good 
job, so let him stay.

Would the more extreme incrementalists have changed much by assassinating 
Hitler?      We all thought so in Junior High, but Norm should have kept 
studying, and maybe his opinion would have not frozen into always looking to 
Baby Steps, and the realism of the small increment as total wisdom?     
Fascism was about more than Hitler, and it's time we moved beyond the 
History lesson of the public school teachers.    They taught Norm that 
voting for Kerry would be essential, and he never has much figured ou that 
it's not.

Eli, I don't think that I or Lou have been too nasty with Stormin' Norm.    
Heck, if you think I'm rude about this jerk, then don't get me started on 
fellow Texans, Dan Rather or Molly Ivins!    They are also 'Nation' type 
'progressives', too.    And 'media experts' like the Dilbert basher.    And 
great 'pragmatists'.

I think we are too nice with these donkeys, myself.    They feed the 
delusion that salvation is always just some vote away, if only we all 
behaved better..... and voted responsibly.    Agh....    Who wants to be 
part of the liberal intelligensia, Ralph?    They seem so stupid most of the 
time.     And Molly, Dan, and Norm seem like stupid jerks, too.    Their 
egos are too big.

Tony Abdo

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