[Marxism] Where's The Army's Suicide Report?

Andy Coates esquincle at capital.net
Wed Feb 25 22:01:23 MST 2004

On Feb 23, 2004, at 8:58 AM, Charles Brown wrote:

> Where's the army's rape report ? War without rape ?
> CB

Where? ...why, its in the NY Times!
Yet this important report is limited to a special subset-- rape of  
soldiers by soldiers...
February 26, 2004
Rapes Reported by Servicewomen in the Persian Gulf and Elsewhere

WASHINGTON, Feb. 25 — The United States military is facing the gravest  
accusations of sexual misconduct in years, with dozens of servicewomen  
in the Persian Gulf area and elsewhere saying they were sexually  
assaulted or raped by fellow troops, lawmakers and victims advocates  
said on Wednesday.

There have been 112 reports of sexual misconduct over roughly the past  
two years in the Central Command area of operations, which includes  
Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan, military officials said on Wednesday.

The Army has reported 86 incidents, the Navy 12, the Air Force 8 and  
the Marine Corps 6.

Military officials said that the bulk of the charges were being  
investigated and that some had already resulted in disciplinary  
actions, but they could not provide specifics. They said a small number  
of the reports had turned out to be unfounded.

In addition, about two dozen women at Sheppard Air Force Base, a large  
training facility in Texas, have reported to a local rape-crisis center  
that they were assaulted in 2002. The Air Force Academy in Colorado is  
still reeling from the disclosure last year of more than 50 reported  
assaults or rapes over the last decade...


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