[Marxism] Slogans of Class Struggle heard in Port-au-Prince

Chris Brady cdbrady at sbcglobal.net
Wed Feb 25 22:24:10 MST 2004

NPR Radio (USA) this evening reported from Port-au-Prince that "Aristide
supporters" were preparing to defend the Haitian capital.  They stoked
up morale with denunciations of the [quote!:] "bourgeoisie."  A slogan
has begun appearing around the city painted on walls (we assume in
Kreole):  EAT THE RICH!

Perhaps they are loyal to Aristide.  Many could have their reservations
about his government; it put up a spineless defence of workers during
the Remy-Cointreau orange strike.  But whatever their affiliations, they
know who they are against.  The people opposed to the rebels/opposition
have clearly characterized their class position--and have defined their
struggle as class war.

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