[Marxism] Drivin' that train, high with no brain (was: jibbery jibber)

Jeff Rubard jeffrubard at fusemail.com
Wed Feb 25 23:17:50 MST 2004

 Oooo! I actually translated that one.....  Comrade Rubarb is suggesting
 that we "seriously consider the pre-Stalinist American left (including
 communists)," and that "if you're too smart to scab you're too smart by

Rubard, but as stated before "comrade" is all right with me.

Hmmm. I'm going to regret asking, but
1. What pre-Stalinist communists do you want to seriously consider?

Unlike the original destination of my message (Lause here insists upon
cross-posting, and I told him off several weeks ago), this is Marxism-L
and you really should have already done that homework.

> 2. What do you want to seriously consider them for?
> 3. Do you prefer: (a) smart unionists; (b) dumb scabs; or (c) some
> unspecified mix of smart scabs and dumb unionists?

 None of the above, and isn't this a pretty piece of gerrymandering.
 Usually this is done to aid other people's way in life, BTW .

> Solidariness!

Hey fascist, you're gonna get it through the head -- and the joke is this
belongs here.

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