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Tony Abdo gojack10 at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 25 23:50:50 MST 2004

Juan, I never meant to say that the Mexican Green Party was totally 
identical to the US Green Party.     One can make some rough comparisons 
between the US and Mexican political allignments, but things can get quite 
complex if one tries to make exact analogies.

If I was to say that the PRI was like the DP, and the PAN like the 
Republicans for example, it would  give, in some ways, an incorrect picture 
to people in the US.     Why?    Because simply  here in the US one can 
little imagine the Republicans as the party of reform, as many Mexicans were 
led to consider the PRI recently.    Still, it is an analogy that does give 
some idea of how the PRI and PAN position themselves long term.   It's an 
analogy that allows us to see well how the ruling class efforts to set up a 
Mexican two party system are being directed.

The main problem with making an equal compraison between the Mexican Greens 
(PVEM) and the US Greens is not because there is more corruption at the top 
with the Mexican Greens, or that the Mexican Greens might merely be a 
fiefdom and personal enterpirse of a rich person or two.     The main 
problem with this rough analogy, is that ruling elite Mexico has actually 
been unable to make its system a two party one, but that the system there 
remains somewhat more a three party affair as long as the PRD still remains 
somewhat alive.

And the Leftist PRD is kind of a combo Green Party-NDP mess, with its own 
origens coming form the PRI, in a manner that brings to mind the GP-DP 
liberal connections and mindset we have seen for a while here in the US.     
So much of the Mexican Left, saw the PVEM (Mexican Greens) as kind of a 
subversion of what they were all about within the PRD.    And they want to 
paint the PVEM as a corrupt, phony, and non-Left grouping, unlike the truer 
Leftist format of the PRD (that came out of formation via disaffected 
PRIstas that bolted/semi bolted.

If Nader were to move to appealing more to the nonvoters and also to 
disaffected Republicans, he might actually stretch out the current split 
with in the proDP liberlal Green current, to something analogous  to the 
PVEM/ PRD divide.     These upstart "independents" for Nader, might be cast 
as being bought voters or misled kooks, who didn't understand what truely 
progressive politics was all about (DP or exDP background)

One thing about the Mexican Left, is that it grew to love to constantly 
point out the corruption of the many 'satellite' parties of the PRI, when 
the PRI financed the pseudo opposition controlled by itself through 
subterranean government funding that was hidden from most public view.   So 
the Left has done the same picture painting with the Mexican Greens, now 
that  they made Fox their candidate for president, alongside the Rightist 

But my use of the example of the Mexican Greens to show that we should be 
wary of the US Greens also, was based more on the Mexican Greens 
international affiliation with the Green International.   I learned quite 
well while hearing Nader speak at a Green Rally in San Antonio during his 
2000 campaign, that the US and Mexican Greens are cothinkers, and alligned 
interantionally, and that the US Greens cheared the victory of Vicente Fox 
to the South as one of the grand victories of the Green International at the 

One can be cynical, and ask how the PVEM and Fox got to be on the same side? 
     And I think that one should also be cynical and question how the Green 
International could have allowed Fox to be alligned with them 
internationally?   A Green International that includes both Peter Camejo and 
Vicente Fox certainly shouldn't be just accepted without looking more at the 
how and why of the situation.    So here is the Green International site 
that lists the PVEM and the US Greens together alongside others in the 
world.    Worth looking at, and studying the matter in depth.

And here, one can find a world much larger than just the Green politics of 
the US Green Movement.

<<Not long ago, Tony Abdo suggested that the Green Party in the U.S. was 
somehow similar to the green party in Mexico.  Based on the little I know 
about the Green Party in the U.S. (mostly through David Levner -- friend, 
computer guru, and superb Green leader in New York) and on my familiarity 
with Mexico's green party murky history and practices, I protested the 
comparison.  Recently, an ongoing political and legal scandal broke in 
Mexico because of a video now made public showing the boss of Mexico's green 
party and congressman, Jorge Emilio González Martínez, negotiating a 2 
million buck bribe.  He's in deep trouble.

La Jornada in today's editorial mentions the perception of the green party 
as "a profitable family business disguised as a political party and as the 
local franchise of environmentalism -- a respectable political stance in the 
international arena," adding that this version of the green party is "not 
ruled by a defined political proposal, by a particular ideology or ethical 
framework, but by the leaders' ambition to gain positions of power and 
pocket hefty government subsidies." >>

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