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“I’m country.”
“She country.”
“Come closer, its a free country ... shake what you got in dem jeans.” 
Master P. – who is perpetually producing and working on a new movie, with his 
horrible acting ass, continues to prove that the South will rise again, gold 
teeth and all. Down her, mutherfuckers walk around with so much gold in their 
mouths, its called “grills.” 
“What, U got eight hun-ned dollars? Better gon git dat grill installed.”
Master P. 
“Gurl, U tryin na sneak in da club wit dem jeans on?” 
Then “Usher” is crushing them. 
There is “Change Codes” and Jay Z.
“New York, New York,
“Where's my hustlers at,
“Where my boosters at?” 
. . . “I know they glued your back to the wall.” 
Jay Z many times a multimillionaire scored (Bee on see?) Beyonce. Who in 
their right mind don't dream of laying the Golden Girl? She walks like she got 
gold up in them hills. A song from another generation comes to mind, thinking 
about them hills. “Wrap it up, I’ll take it.” 
Jay Z got something else. Something that is different from Master P and the 
rising South. J-Z got Northern game and the mind of a businessman born of 
criminal intent. 
“Your boy is back.” 
I smile. “My boy” – J-Z unashamedly advocates something very different from 
Master P. He advocates shooting one way out of an unpleasant intractable 
social position. “I know your back been glued to the wall.” 
J-Zee and Master P. Master P is good. Jay-Z is criminalized. 
Herein lie and they are all lies, “The Strange Career of Jim Crow.”  
Master P ain’t taking the rap. There is the East coast and west coast and 
Master P is part of the “third corridor.” It has not been that long ago when 
these guys were being arrested for lewd conduct. In the North the fellows shoot 
their way out – “Fuck it, I'm going to jail anyway.” 
Even “P-Diddy” or “P Daddy” – punk mutherfucker, had to give his boy up 
(Sean) to a ten year jail term to get him and J-Lo (Jennifer Lopez) out of the 
line of fire. Don't get things twisted because the “Third Corridor” has its 
criminal intent. The Getto Boys – how the stars of a concert show up with a 
fucking Uzi and then shoot the joint up? 
“At night I can't sleep.
I toss and turn.
Candles burn in the dark,
Visions of bodies being burned.
For wall just staring at a nigga.
I'm paranoid and sleep wit my finger on the trigger.
My other say I ain’t living right.
But I ain’t goin out without a fight.
…There's somebody watching me act.
I don't know who it is.
So I'm watching my back.
I see his face when I'm deep undercover.
When I'm awake I don't see the mutherfucker.” 
Perhaps the greatest rap lyric ever written, born of Gothic horror shit. This 
shit don't just stink, its heavy. Con/West say I got so fucked up “I look 
like Emmett Till.” 
And a new generation learns the history. 
Master P say:
“I'm country.”
“She country.”
“Come closer, its a free country. . . .
There is no message in any of the music, only history. 
Segregation in its completed form – “the strange career of Jim Crow,” began 
in the new nation developing in the North, not the plantation areas of the 
South, and every Southern intellectual worth their salt understands this. Every 
mutherfucker walking around with a “grill in his mouth” instinctively 
understands this. The “hustlers and boosters” know this. Him whose back is glued to 
the wall is increasing her and she intuitively know the truth. 
The mechanics of the political struggle has distorted this fact, along with 
the ideological domination of the Northern intellectual. 
“The truth is back , , , The more space I get the better I write.” 
The view from the “third corridor” can see both coasts. The coast is not 
Northern politicians have had to defeat their Southern counterpart with ever 
advance in the means of production and the black masses have always been 
pivotal to the process, because of our electoral system. Every advance in the means 
of production – a quantitative expansion, means shifting and changing the 
system of political rule. 
The electoral strategy of the Black elite is “One vote, One direction.” This 
political strategy is designed to support the Democrats and keep a 
mutherfucker back glue to the wall. It blasts from the “Urban Radio stations.” Urban 
radio means Northern segregated radio. Is not Detroit the most segregated city 
in America, or is it Chicago? 
Within the Marxist movement white chauvinism blocks this understanding and 
consequently has failed to grasp the proletariats historic march. Marxism and 
the national question has never faired well in the American Union. Marxism has 
been in the hands of the upper strata of the Anglo-American proletariat, the 
immigrant European intellectual and the Anglo American petty bourgeoisie of the 
North. The Comintern understood this, and its initial documents on the Negro 
Question express this fact. 
J-Z knows this truth and remains the proof. 
“Your boy is back.” 
Segregation – the strict separation of peoples in social life, began in the 
North and has had a profound impact on the industrial classes and the Anglo 
American proletariat of the North. This fact of the real genesis of segregation 
has impacted Marxism and the Marxist movement in our country. 
The Marxists of which I evolved have been generous in our description of the 
evolution of the Anglo American proletariat. There was no “Negro Question” in 
Europe and our proletariat was formed on the basis of European immigration. 
It is natural that a couple of generations of Marxist would understand American 
history through European eyes. The colonization of the South by Wall Street 
imperialism meant the victory – the Northern intellectual, would write the 
official history of the American Union. Marxism and the national question in 
America was liberated by the African American proletarian communists. 
The African American people are not a racial minority. The African American 
worker of the North evolved as a national minority. The concept “national 
minority” is not a racial concept. The Northern slums that house the black workers 
are not extensions of the plantation area or plantation system. In the last 
period the black of the North inherited the lower proletarian slums of the 
Slavic workers and the housing areas of the poorest European immigrants. This is 
not the case in the South as a region and most certainly the plantation areas. 
The South did not invent segregation – Jim Crow, but rather the North. This 
dynamic would play itself out and one hundred and eighty years later produce a 
generation of African American communists and Marxist unlike anything in 
American history. The year 1790 is used as a land mark because that is when roughly 
30,000 black slaves were freed in the North and their segregation began. The 
Negro people as such did not exist as such, but rather a mass of colored 
peoples. This mass of colored peoples in the North was destined to face an 
unrelenting segregation, perhaps unprecedented in history. 
Years later Malcolm X would say, “Stop talking about the South, you South if 
you South of the Canadian border.” There is a reason the most violent protest 
have been in the North and industrial concentration alone does not explain 
this. Segregation meant criminalization from birth and here is the origin of 
crime in the black slums of the North. 
Melvin P. 

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