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“I know your back been glued to the wall.” 
Lil Kim came under attack for showing pussy. Kim has made it perfectly clear 
to anyone that listens that she use to be “scared of dick.” She engaged 
Reilly as a big girl because the bourgeoisie has to wage the battle on the cultural 
front to isolate the communist class. Who in their right mind attack pussy 
but a degenerate – a so called “big dick?” Fuck Reilly.  Is this not criminal 
contempt of women worthy of jail? 
What Reilly is saying is that a woman can sell pussy in a dark alley, jumping 
in and out of some tricks car, who wants to pay her three dollars for head, 
and when she is finished she have to wash the front window, kick the tires and 
check them for correct air pressure.
“What you thought women were oppressed by bank notes and not real men?” 
You can't sell pussy for real money or show pussy in his public. If Reilly 
really feel this way then abolition of property, marriage and the bullshit. 
Reilly says that Lil Kim cannot go outside without panties on. 
Fuck Reilly, he is trying to consolidate the fascist elements in American 
society. Like they don't by pussy. They just pay for it all at one time and glue 
women's back to the wall and ass to the bed – then want you to kick the tires. 
See, “the truth is back.” 

On last thing about Lil Kim as women. When you are having sex with your woman 
and she says "this is your pussy daddy," she do not meant that is your 
property or really yours, except for that moment. See, woman as woman is sovereign 
and because her vagina is part of her person it is really hers. Take my word 
for this and don't ask for proof or your feelings are going to be hurt. 

"But she said it was mine and mine alone." 

Sucker. Ask Lil Kim. 
The ideological attack of the bourgeoisie in the cultural arena is to keep a 
mutherfucker back glue to the wall. Remember the full scale attack on NWA and “
Ice-T” “Cop Killer” by the state and their lackeys? The campaign by the 
bourgeoisie is unrelenting and comes in waves. This is an election year and a big 
wave is in progress. "Where my surfers at." 

There is a difference between the man whose back has been broken and the man 
with his “back glued to the wall.” 
The very nature of slavery demanded that blacks and whites live in close 
proximity as a function of control of the slaves. This was the basis for a sense 
of “noble obligation” on the part of the master to care for his “niggers.” 
“Mr. Charlie is a good master . . . a good white man.” 
The black and white people of the plantation area of the South evolved 
different from those in the North. In a very real way the black of the plantation 
South has more in common with the white of the plantation South than the Black 
of the North. The white of the plantation South has more in common with the 
black of the plantation South – his neighbor, than the whites –Yankee, of the 
The portrayal of the Southern white as simply the jailer of the black misses 
this critical fact and consequently obscures the full weight of the “national 
character” of the black and white people of the plantation South and the 
national question.  The cultural life and spiritual striving of the black and white 
people in the plantation area, as it has historically existed in distinction 
to that of the Yankee, is the full meaning of national character. The movie “
Monster Ball” – with Billy Bob and Holly B, tried to express this dynamic. 
(I did not care for the movie because it did not reflect the specific 
demographic tone of the South and the fact that Southern European men outnumbered 
women as the fact of immigration and women outnumbered men – as slaves, in the 
South. The men were worked to death and women make women easier – apparently. 
More girls than boys. Then, Billy Bob voice was Southern and Holly's Northern 
voice could not portray the harsh irony tragic/comedy of the Southern women. I 
did enjoy seeing her with clothes off.) 
The criminalization of the black in the American Union began in the North and 
not the South. Slaves are not put in jail and no one can work the fields with 
their back glued to the wall. 
“The proof is back.” 
There is no need to relive the race riots and imposed isolation of the 
Northern black, which has not ended to this very day. Our defense and hatred of the 
unions and everything else, has no bound. These organizations of the 
industrial workers were stratified – skilled and unskilled, and conceived in 
segregation, the most brutal forms of white chauvinism. Criminalization is a Northern 
In the North the Anglo American people – as a people, has given us nothing 
but the blade, boot and the bullet. Stalin and Soviet power kicked the door in 
on the bourgeoisie and served head blows to capital. Explain why the most 
segregated cites are in the North? Industrialism is not the answer. 
There shall be no change in the articulation of the historical curve. What 
periodically appears as a “lumpen” mentality is the fact of criminalization, 
although I am no “jail bird” – “knock on wood.” 
A mutherfucker get lucky from time to time. Every family around me all of my 
life has someone in jail for something or are ensnared in the “just-us” 
(“I can't believe I am not on probation for something and have no drunk 
driving tickets.:).” 
Then again ones status within the working class (upper strata) and a corp. of 
petty bourgeois white attorneys – who are revolutionary to the highest 
degree, have something to do with this. These communist and Marxists attorneys waged 
a “no holds barred” battle against the justice system and wrote a new 
chapter in our history. It has taken considerable years to understand that these 
honorable men and women where waging a battle based in 1790 and uprooting Jim 
Crow at its genesis – in the North. 
Criminalization of the black did not begin in the South but rather the North. 
There were countless times I have been stopped by the police. Without fail my 
driver license and Chrysler badge would be pulled out of my wallet at the 
same time. 
“I'm a nigga but a Chrysler worker and got a fucking union. The Union might 
kick my ass but they will kick your ass. Plus don't the Police have a union? I 
don't like your union but it is a fucking union.”  
 The monologue – rap, continues. “The truth is back.” 
Two historical waves – moments, transformed this criminalized mass of colored 
peoples into the African American national minority. The trickle of escaped 
slaves to the North became a mighty stream with Emancipation and the formation 
began to take place. The mechanization of agriculture released a tidal wave – 
millions, of Southern blacks who sought escape from the plantation south and 
relocated North, in the industrial slums.  
Millions of Southern whites migrated and remain as such for a couple of 
generations with many merging into the general population of the Anglo-American of 
the North as they shed their Southern distinctiveness – national character. 
The poorer whites of the North become “white trash” and merge with the poverty 
stricken whites of the historic plantation South. (M&M)
This is of course absurd. The Irish national minority or the Irish in England 
is a national minority because his journey as Irish began in Ireland. The 
genesis of the African American national minority began in 1790, when 30,000 
colored slaves were freed and before the evolution of the African American people 
as a people and before the emergence of the Black Belt nation. 
A section of the black intellectual elite has coined the circumstances of the 
African American people as “the conditions of the absurd” and in their 
anti-communism has used this as an ideological block to the entry the of the white 
revolutionary into the sphere of insurgency of the lowest sector of the 
proletariat which is black. The only time the black and white industrial workers of 
the North interacted is basically on the assembly line. The basis of the 
intellectual breach within Marxism runs along color lines as an expression of 
segregation of the Northern Negro – black. 
This black intellectual elite – based in the North, first revolutionary mass 
publication distributed North and South was “David Walkers Appeal.” “David 
Walkers Appeal” has to be understood and assessed on the basis of the evolution 
of Jim Crow in the North during the time of slavery . . . YEA. 
Much water has passed under the bridge since “Walkers Appeal.” Walker was 
unusual and became a Northern Negro by circumstance.  
It is the peculiar development of the “Northern Negro” and the fact that 
segregation as a social form of conduct was birthed in the North and not the 
South, that has confused the national colonial question in America, in respects to 
the South and Blacks as viewed from the North. 
Marxism and the National Question. Marxism and the national question is not a 
set of definitions but rather definitions that clarify a conception of a 
modern imperial process. 
Segregation is the reason “you” – my Yankee comrades cannot see the obvious. 
My tradition gets in the way of you getting out of the way. 
I also know your “back been glued to the wall” – the other wall. That is why 
segregation was born of the North. That’s why its “The Strange Career of Jim 
“Jump back Jim Crow.” 
Melvin P. 

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