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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Feb 26 10:09:24 MST 2004

Tony Abdo wrote:
> Here is more info about the Green International at work in Latin 
> America.     We learn that the Mexican Greens are under attack from Fox, 
> their own presidential canddate in the elections of June 2000.     
> Stikingly, there is no comment about this being a somewhat unnatural 
> situation.    One year he's their man, the next year he's not!
> We also learn that Alejandro Toledo, the Peruvian president is supported 
> by the Peruvian Greens.    What are we to assume about the Green Party 
> from stuff like this?    They supported Lula in Brazil, but things grow 
> rough in that country, also.   Last I heard, Toledo's popularity in Peru 
> was next to zilch, but the Greens support him still?   Why did they 
> support him to begin with?    This is an international movement that is 
> dribbling the ball full court, so to speak.

Tony, you not only posted an entire 25K worth of material that can be 
read on the Internet, you didn't bother to format it properly:

> That's what happened with the Provisional Measure (a
> governmental decree
> that becomes immediately enforceable until appreciated by
> Congress) that
> authorized the use of transgenic seeds smuggled into the country;
> we had
> to challenge this act at the STJ - "Supreme Court" so the Brazilian
> society could understand that our position is against the use of
> transgenics without a prior study of its environmental impact as
> stated in

Please do not do this again.

As far as the substance is concerned, I doubt that I would be a Green in 
Latin America where the class struggle is in an advanced form and where 
workers and peasants are prepared to engage in armed struggle in at 
least one country.

It would be far better to participate in a more directly revolutionary 

But I hate to break the news to you, but the USA is not at all like 
Bolivia or Colombia. There is no segment of the US working class that is 
for socialism, so for you to advocate the formation of an explicitly 
anticapitalist electoral party in the USA is an expression of desire 
rather than serious strategy. There is a place, of course, for small 
socialist groups. I myself first learned about socialism back in 1959 
from Nathan Pressman, a member of the Socialist Labor Party, who used to 
write letters in the local newspaper called The Republican Watchman 
(they watched Republicans in the sense of keeping an eye on them.) If 
you want to be a 2004 version of Nathan Pressman, I say good luck and 
more power to you.

The Greens are attracting people because they challenge the status quo 
without trying to provide an answer to how to change the system. In 
other words, they are exactly what you might expect at the current level 
of class struggle in the USA. If millions of workers were involved in 
militant struggles at the point of production and joining revolutionary 
groups in significant numbers like they were in the 1930s, it would be 
reactionary to support something like the Green Party. It would be a 
step backward.

Listening to you makes me think that you are confused about what country 
you live in and in what year. You remind me a bit of the character 
"Morgan" from the 1960s movie who fantasized day and night about being 
in the Red Cavalry when he wasn't imagining himself as a gorilla.

The Green leftists like Peter Camejo and Howie Hawkins are not like the 
Bolsheviks in the July Days who are trying to persuade militant armed 
workers not to try to seize power because the time was not fully ripe. 
Our situation is not that advanced at all. Trust me, it is not.

In the USA 34% of union members voted for Bush in the last election. 
These are not people who are ready to join an anticapitalist party. Some 
of them may be ready to vote for a party that endorses a candidate who 
says things like:

"Today there is a compelling necessity for a new strengthening of the 
people to reform and recover their public elections from the grip of 
private financing, to rescue our public authorities from the corporate 
government of big business that prevails today in Washington, D.C.

"These mass concentrations of power, privilege, wealth, technology and 
corporate immunity have placed their rampaging global quest for maximum 
profits in the way of progress, justice and opportunity for the very 
millions of American workers who made possible these corporate profits 
but who are falling behind, both excluded and expendable. Their labors 
have gone unrequited as these unpatriotic corporations abandon our 
country and shift industries abroad -- along with what is left of their 
allegiance to our country and our community."

If Ralph Nader doubled the number of votes this year that he got last 
go-round, this would mean that we are closer--if even on a molecular 
basis--to our own July Days. But to reject out of hand partial and 
imperfect steps in that direction is a sign of sectarianism pure and simple.


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