[Marxism] Re: Mexico's green party

Julio Huato juliohuato at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 26 10:41:21 MST 2004

Tory Abho wrote:

>Juan, I never meant to say that the Mexican Green Party was totally 
>identical to the US Green Party.

I'm kidding -- his name is ToNy AbDo, not ToRy AbHo...  And mine is Julio, 
not Juan.  :-)

We can be hard on ideas, but treat others with the same respect we expect 
others to treat us.  And that includes getting people's names right.  (No, I 
haven't watched Gibson's movie yet.)

Now, Tony didn't say Mexico's green party and the U.S. Green Party were 
"identical."  Neither did I say that Tony said such a thing.  What I say is 
that Tony's analogy between the two formations in the context in which he 
made it, with the clear intention of discrediting the U.S. Green Party, was 
totally misleading.  Tony's goal, unless he has changed his mind lately, 
which is okay, was not to show that Mexico's greens and U.S. greens had some 
nominal, superficial similarity, but that they shared political and ethical 
values -- that they were versions of one and the same global movement.  
Differences in strategy and tactics are a matter of course, as conditions in 
each country differ.  However, the differences between these formations are 
much deeper and the analogy fails.  As La Jornada says, Mexico's green party 
has NO program, none... but money-making.  On the other hand, right or 
wrong, the U.S. Green Party does advance a serious political and ethical 
framework.  This makes Tony's an apples-to-oranges comparison.

Again, my name is Julio.  And thank you.

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