[Marxism] RE: Mel Gibson and Opus Dei

Craven, Jim JCraven at clark.edu
Thu Feb 26 11:11:16 MST 2004

Can someone who thinks the Pope is very close to being the anti-christ,
as Gibson does, _also_ be close to an organization that same pope
favors? Let's not be more ridiculous than we have to be.

This searching for conspiratorial groups (even when partly true) is a
serious deflection from the tasks of building a mass resistance movement
to capital.


Response: I have heard, but have never seen any quotes from Gibson
calling the pope the anti-Christ (I prefer lying hypocrite, megalomaniac
and cia operative myself) and it may be as both his parents are
Holocaust deniers, ultra-rightists and perhaps even anti-papists. But
Gibson is definitely on a new page now as he is indeed a member of Opus
Dei (I just thought perhaps it was all the whips-n-chains and bondage
stuff Opus Dei is into that perhaps influenced Gibson's focus on
salacious and gratuitous violence of the cruxifiction).

Now I am wide open on suggestions on "What is to be Done" to build a
mass resistance movement to capital and ask that you refer me to some of
your own writings and examples of concrete activism on your part in this
area. If you think that researching and exposing the some of the
networks, masks, institutions, fronts, SSAs, illusions, techniques of
social systems engineering, etc., through which capitalist individually
and collectively operate and rule is a "serious deflection" from the
tasks of building a mass resistance movement to capital, or is nothing
but "conspiracy theory", please enlighten us all what are the essential
tasks, what is your concrete preparation and contributions to be able to
comment on this subject, and what would you propose. For example,
someone might just ask what do you mean by "capital"? In addition to the
usual jargon and formulaics (capital is a social relation not a thing)
what will you offer beyond the usual generalities? 

I for one have found this to be fertile ground for leveraging concerns
with certain issues (admittedly not particularly significant) into
concern with other issues that are particularly significant. But hey,
I'm always willing to learn--but only from those actually doing the
doing and not merely talking about what others should or should not be
doing while themselves demonstrating nothing about what is to be done
other than typing a few pithy lines on a keyboard in a comfortable
office or home.

Jim C.

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