[Marxism] Re: Mexico's green party

Tony Abdo gojack10 at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 26 11:57:39 MST 2004

My apologies to both Lou for my botched formatting, and most especially to 
Julio for my calling him by the name Juan.    Juan is my brother-in-law, and 
has nothing to do with Julio Huato.   Julio, you are welcome to refer to me 
now, as Toby Abdodo in retalation if you care to do so?     Sorry for 
letting your name slide in my mind as I did.     I apologize once again.

My self excuse for my above misbehaviors, is that I just got some bad family 
news, and should have not continued posting in that effected and distracted 
state of mind as I did.    Now, other than to say to Lou that I too liked 
that movie MORGAN that he refers to, I will be out of town and unable to 
converse much further about Stormin' Norm, Vicente Fox and the Mexican 
Greens, or Ralph Nader on this esteemed list... for at least several days.

Marv, don't let the gang get under your skin meantime about your pro-DP vote 
position.     Your talk about what is necessary in this stagnant and 
conservative period came side by side on this list with Lou's lecture to me 
in the same vein, about why in this conservative period iin this 
conservative country the US of A, the Green Party must be built unlike in 
Latin America, where it would be merely a step backward to do the same.    
And both of you motivated your diametrically different positions as being 
necessary, to not make yourself like any unrealistic sectarians like me, who 
don't understand the crying need to just be realistic by working with people 
at where they are at!

Trouble is, living here in Texas, there are neither too many Greens nor too 
many liberal Democrats amongst the masses, for me to cater down to 
addressing either that much, in the reformist politico mode of talking up 
the "progressivist" cause.     Here, being a radical has more to do with 
trying to convince voting folk that Benny Hinn is a fraud, than just 
starting with whether there is essential difference between Kucinich and 
Nader!     There are angels amongst us, this I will not dispute.    I just 
don't think that they necessarily either belong to the DP, or to the GP, 
Lou.    Simply put, that's myu position.     But sectarian as I am, I still 
dream of setting up a Bible Belt Communist Party international headquarters 
(compound) down the road from Hueco, Texas in Crawford.    My only fear, is 
a return of Janet Reno helped back in by a strong Green Party 2004 
presidential campaign.

Tony Abdo

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