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> The way it works, Jeff, is that if your emails come into my email inbox,
> you have to be willing to get answers and, if what you say is unclear,
> you should answer questions to clarify what you mean.

I do so out of a desire to clarify (previously having been aware of such
conventions), but it seems that we have been on each other much longer
(and pointedly so through these "double-barrelled" broadsides) than the
nature of this (rather casual) relationship suggests.  As previously stated,
I do not wish to pay more for local custom than accurate represenation
of cultural and political facts requires.

> Writing in a way that nobody understands doesn't make you smarter than
> they are.  You might be, but who would know?  Wanting you to communicate
> more clearly makes me not a fascist, a Stalinist, a union-buster, or a
> scab, but a good comrade.  An adult should know that the clearer you can
> communicate, the more people you reach with your ideas will
> be...whatever they are.  The more incomprehensible you are, the more
> irrelevant you are.

"Good comrade" (which I use somewhat "empirically") is actually a highly
term, on account of the Nazi song *Der Gute Kamerad* (a sequel to the
Horst-Wessel-Lied): I have here clarified my own point and a *fait sociaux*
("social fact") for you.   And really, if you feel the need to reiterate
(things adults should know and can reasonably be taken to know) the question
arises whether you are simply attempting to avoid a matter of fact (i.e.,
that I am
completely unconcerned as regards your rather childish assessments of
That's how "para-republicanism" worked.

> You tell me that you get paid to write and are famous for the clarity of
> your writing, but I'm sure almost everyone on the list would find that a
> shocking revelation.  Sometime, I'll have to share with this list the
> story of a "Marxist" philosophy grad student I knew who convinced
> himself of his genius and viewed it as precluding any need to
> communicate with mere mortals.

I communicate with merer mortals all the time, Mr. Lause, such that this
raises the question of whether the "ultra" status I discussed with you
earlier really conceals a desire to exclude other people from the workforce
for individual gain (the root of enervated bargaining units is an
to accept that "non-traditional authorities" have successfully absorbed the
salient lessons of workplace discipline).

> ...but right now, I have to get back to work for an important vote over
> redefining our union affiliation.

Marvelous, tell them you crossed a phony wildcatter and see how much of
this is "just you".


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