[Marxism] RE: Mel Gibson and Opus Dei

M. Junaid Alam junaidalam at msalam.net
Thu Feb 26 19:17:10 MST 2004

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David Quarter:

"I mean why fight  the fascistic, S.A. apatheid supporting ADL-led
zionist estblishment when you have the heterosexist Mel Gibson
and his 80-plus year "holocaust denying" pups to worry about.

Great strategy comrades!"

The striking thing about stupidity is that it is so common that it goes 
uncalled upon - at least for a while.

So here comes Mr. Quarter, obsessed as always in propounding/discovering 
everything Zionist, even if it involves URLs to neo-Nazi websites, going 
on his verbal springboard against the ADL as - hold your breath - 

Well, that's original. It's hard to see how jumping up and down against 
the ADL is an effective response to or analysis of the Gibson film. In 
fact, it is a total non-response.

This is typical of an obsessed individual. In passing the other day I 
note Michael Walzer, proponent of 'just war' theory, writes for Dissent. 
Mr. Quarter bizarrely takes this opportunity to imply my mother is a 
whore, thereby missing the point that Walzer supported the Israeli 
invasion of S. Lebanon.

Whether Mr. Quarter is more obsessed with brushing aside Zionists to 
speculate on whores or brushing aside Holocaust Revisionism to attack 
Zionists is not clear, but at least we now all know that the ADL is 

How impressive.

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