[Marxism] CubaNews Note from Los Angeles

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Thu Feb 26 20:40:50 MST 2004

CubaNews Note from Los Angeles
by Walter Lippmann

Returning from an extended visit to Cuba (fourteen weeks,
my longest yet) there is always a kind of adjustment that
doesn't simply happen on arrival in Los Angeles. This is
taking a bit longer than in the past. And now that I'm 
back in Los Angeles, some of the differences seem to me
even more pronounced than in the past. The extremely 
high level of commercialization of everything, the very
violent nature of US society, certainly as projected in
the US media, is more apparent on returning this time
than t has been in the past. 

It's also surprisingly cold and rainy here. We'd had a
few chilly days in Havana in recent weeks, but they were
punctuated by some very warm days. Friends tell me now 
it's gotten very hot there. 

I'm assembling notes for an essay exploring some of these
differences as I've observed and experienced them in the
past days since returning to Los Angeles on Saturday. I'm
sure you'll find those notes of interest.

During this time I'm doing quite a bit less forwarding of
articles from most of the usual sources. At times like 
these I'm particularly grateful for those services from
Prensa Latina: Bridges, Impactos, and Synthesis daily, as
well as Cumbancha (weekly) and Feminias (twice-monthly) 
which provide you with a broad cross-section of some of the
major news given in the Cuban media. Don't forget also the
new Prensa Latina website in English

Walter Lippmann

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