[Marxism] RE: Mel Gibson and Opus Dei

David Quarter davidquarter at sympatico.ca
Thu Feb 26 22:38:42 MST 2004

M. Junaid Alam:

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> David Quarter:
> "I mean why fight  the fascistic, S.A. apatheid supporting ADL-led
> zionist estblishment when you have the heterosexist Mel Gibson
> and his 80-plus year "holocaust denying" pups to worry about.
> Great strategy comrades!"
> The striking thing about stupidity is that it is so common that it goes 
> uncalled upon - at least for a while.>>>>


> So here comes Mr. Quarter, obsessed as always in propounding/discovering 
> everything Zionist, even if it involves URLs to neo-Nazi websites, going 
> on his verbal springboard against the ADL as - hold your breath - 
> "fascistic".
> Well, that's original. It's hard to see how jumping up and down against 
> the ADL is an effective response to or analysis of the Gibson film. In 
> fact, it is a total non-response.>>>>


just to respond to your comment that I was calling your mother a 
"whore". No. I wasn't calling your mother anything of the sort! I was 
alluding to whether you would repeat your misogynistic remark in 
the presence of your mother?

If not -- as I imagine you wouldn't-- what makes it alright to utter it 

Secondly, yes I consider the ADL extremely dangerous and 
threatening, definitely more so then Mel Gibson.  

That Mel and the supposed "right wing" of the Catholic church have 
 f**ked up views about sexuality isn't IMO what Marxists should be 
concerned with  (at least, not at the moment). When Mel Gibson 
and his followers start influencing American foreign policy, start 
urging government to pass laws that would criminalize dissent 
against Israel, I'll start focusing my energy towards Mel Gibson and 
his band of merry men. 

Until that time, I'll worry more about concrete issues such as the 
current ADL inspired witchhunt against the same Mel Gibson.

It's like being attacked from one end by a 200 pound body 
builder/kick boxing champ and on the another end by the 90 pound 
reigning world chess champion.

Who would you focus your energy on?

Obviously, it's not revealing to point out the fascistic 
mentality/nature of the ADL, a different breed of fascism to the 
catholic church. Yet, it is just PLAIN STUPIDITY to be worring 
about what the right wing of catholicism is up to when a far more 
powerful group with the mite to back up its fascistic ideas is 
flexiing its weight.. 

The catholic bhurch is a patsy of the power elite,

The Zionist elite is a part and parcel of the US power 

Obviously if you don't draw the connection between what's being 
happening to Mel Gibson
with this ongoing 
anti-Passion of Christ "debate"  and the types ADL-inspired/zionist 
establishment witchunts of the past and present against the llikes 
of the catholic church more generlaly, against Marxism and the 
left,  against anti zionists Jews,  against certain Blacks and 
minority groups (e.g., through affirmative action policies) and 
anyone else they (the ADL) consider stepping out of bounds of 
what the ADL defines as permissable debate/expression/posturing 
and therefore as a threat to their authority/power/existence, I''ll be 
speaking to the wind. 

FYI: a good 80% percent of the criticism being directed towards 
the Passion of Christ film has enamated from the ADL and the 
Simon Weiselthal Centre and other powerful players within 
Jewish/Zionist establishment. Another 10 or 15 percent has come 
from individuals with obvious sympathies to zionism/Jewish 
Nationalism, i.e., Israel, for example, Rabbi Michael Lerner from 
Tikkum and the self styled sexologist Rabbi Smuel Boteach. From 
what I can see, very little criticism of Gibson has enamated from 
persons detached from the ZIonist lobby/or with zionistic 
sympathies (if you find more than ten articles from such individuals, 
please send them them over!). And very few zionists have come out 
in support of Gibson (I know of one who's been outspoken in the 
media. His name is Michael Medved and he is rear bread of 

Call it obsession, call it paranoia ( or whatever you like), but this 
concerns me. 

ANd then when I hear a Marxist state the following: 

(to paraphrase Louis P.), "well, I'll probably go to see the movie, 
BUT here's something you guys should know about traditional 

and nobody utters even a single sentence in response, 

I get even more concerned (and perhaps even a tad more paranoid 
than I was before!).

I imagine what Louis P. implied by his remark is that what's 
currently being done to Mel Gibson is probably not right, but 
hey...he's a right wing bigot so let's just turn a blind eye and let the 
ADL carry out its business.

Quite similar to:  what's being currently done to Milosevic in the 
Hague is bad, but's Milosevic is a bad guy  so might as well sit on 
my rear end and engage people in meaningless debates about, 
say, what  Mel Gibson's motivations were for writing the Passion of 
Christ, and let Carla DeL Ponte and the Hague Inqusitors do their 

I obviously  find this type of defeatism quite ironic when coming 
from a Marxist, but what with your "whores" comment and the good 
wise Professor's "with all due respect to whores" and "those dam 
white academics" remarks, and Louis P giving equal time on Marx-
mail for holocaust revisionists Michael K, his side-kick Les E. and 
the Lippman Brothers to voice their concerns,

nothing really suprises me anyone... 


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