[Marxism] Mexico's green party

Jose G. Perez elgusanorojo at bellsouth.net
Thu Feb 26 22:53:38 MST 2004

Tony Abdo writes:

>>If I was to say that the PRI was like the DP, and the PAN like the
Republicans for example, it would  give, in some ways, an incorrect
picture to people in the US.     Why?    Because simply  here in the US
one can little imagine the Republicans as the party of reform, as many
Mexicans were led to consider the PRI recently.    Still, it is an
analogy that does give some idea of how the PRI and PAN position
themselves long term.   It's an analogy that allows us to see well how
the ruling class efforts to set up a Mexican two party system are being


Give it up. If you think there's an effort afoot to set up the PRI and
PAN as twin parties of a world-hegemonic Mexican imperialist ruling
class, it is really very uncomradely of you not to pass around whatever
it is you're smoking. 

The analogy between political alignments in the Third World and those in
the imperialist countries are not just inexact; they are wrong at a
bedrock, fundamental level. It leaves imperialism out of the analysis or
relegates it at best to some secondary level. 

That's not the world we live in, that's not been the planet earth for
the last several decades. The most advanced expressions of the class
struggle on a world scale for many decades has been precisely the
anti-imperialist struggle. To do analysis that bypass or obfuscate the
fundamental difference between the handful of robber nations and the
vast majority of humanity in the raped and looted nations is entirely


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