[Marxism] Bush: Cuba is a hostile threat

Chris Brady cdbrady at sbcglobal.net
Fri Feb 27 00:55:32 MST 2004

Emanations from Buzzerk Bizzarro World?
Nope, dear friends, truth is stranger.
Real quotes from our material world:

President Bush [said] that Fidel Castro's government has taken steps to
destabilize relations with the United States over the past year.
He said Castro's government ``has over the course of its 45-year
existence repeatedly used violence and the threat of violence to
undermine U.S. policy interests. This same regime continues in power
today, and has since 1959 maintained a pattern of hostile
actions contrary to U.S. policy interests.''

Full article:
Bush Tightens Rules on Travel to Cuba
The Guardian, Thursday February 26, 2004

N.B.: the artful use of the term "U.S. policy interests."  In other
words, Fidel has threatened neither *the United States of America* nor
the people who live there.  Put this one next to the way certain Middle
East despots threatend "our *way* of life", i.e., not our lives.  So
what's the way of life for the world's most powerful military,
imperialist capitalist superpower?  Not the masses--but the state.

Furthermore, if it is in "U.S. policy interests", that is in the
interests of that "way of life" to overthrow the Cuban Revolutionary
government, any physical action or reaction exercised by the Cuban
socialist state to defend itself can be defined as violent irrespective
of the violence used against Cuba that may have precipitated such
alleged acts.

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