[Marxism] Pussy, ass, Justin, Lil Kim, Stalin, and proletrian revolution

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Fri Feb 27 03:16:10 MST 2004

"Your boy is back" moving in real time. 

I have to create space and twist a few good people sometime. Don't make me 
feel good but fuck it. 

"I don't know if I believe what you write Melvin." 

Get the fuck out of the line of fire. War strategy and tactics mean engaging 
the least amount of people in a campaign. In theory we want two people to 
fight and zero collateral damage. The productive forces stay intact 100% along 
with the people. 

"Jedi breed, Jedi Knight. 
"The more space I get the better I write." 

You do know what a Jedi is . . .right. I'm a Jedi night. :

This air sometimes stinks but the moderator lets everyone breathe the little 
oxygen left in a closing space. No one can breathe too much air. It's tricky. 
>From time to time he moves the air like James Brown and makes the same 
unavoidable mistakes that keep James in jail. He is always a step from jail. Y'all to 
young to remember the real James Brown. He said "Money won't change U, but 
time will take U out." 

"Where my hustlers at, where my boosters at." 
"Where my surfers at?" 
What Snoop is to the West Coast, too the west coast what Face is to Houston; 
What Jay-Zee is to the East Coast, I am to insurgent Marxism. Personal 
narrative dictates this level and form of engagement. This is not the Motown sound. 
It is a new era. 

OK. So I took twenty years. I was busy fighting over kopecks - that trade 
union thang. 

That Justin Timberland ain't nothing but a Mickey Mouse punk mutherfucker. 
When Janet Jackson breast come out he should of start sucking the mutherfucker 
on stage. What a punk. 

"Oh God, America I am so sorry I did not know what to do." 

You don't know what to do with pussy? You stinking no good sonvabitch. 

You fucking surrendering punk. You no understanding the Women Question 
mutherfucker. Pussy creates the space. Liberating pussy liberates the world and 

Since when a mutherfucker don't know what to do with a big black breast and 
pussy? Now if you scared ask white people - the men, in the South. Janet pissed 
me off for a different reason, although she ain't surrendered. She is not 
going to surrender. Her money doesn't allow her to escape a historically evolved 
social position. She is a black bitch one record from the welfare line, 
according to the American system. I like Janet Jackson and have been slowly 
positioning myself to meet her. And we gonna fuck. I do not want your autograph.  


I'll do Prince. 

See . . .

"Money don't change you, but time will take you out."  It's historical. 

I got mad because Janet should have shown America both those titties. They 
come in pairs and if one thing is good, then two got to be a mutherfucker. And 
we would like to look at that pussy and ass, thank you. The American people in 
their majority would have said, "Now that is the American way of life." 

The women would have start walking around the street naked and then the 
government collapse because you can commodify pussy but you can't own it. You can 
enslave it but never own it. 

"But she said it was all mine and mine along." 

You fucking sucker. It is hers and her body is a sovereign institution, that 
in the end is going to be higher than the state.  

Now Lena Horne withdrew her contract and said Janet could not portray her in 
a movie in production. Because Janet tittie was observed. Lena is damn near a 
hundred years old and a stupid bit^h, perpetrating some strange feudal like 
shit. Next she is going to appear supporting fascists with twenty pairs of 
panties on. 

If it was Lil Kim on stage with Justin you would have seen titties, pussy and 
ass. Ain't anything wrong with ass. Lil Kim would have shown pussy and made 
Justin eat the mutherfucker on stage and the majority of America would have 
been grinning saying, "Now that's the America I know." 

And we like ass. It's a dialectic. Where ever there is a front there is a 

Oh . . .U think I'm playin . . . nothing wrong wit ass just "ass ideology." I 
am not with that "revolutionary blackism," "revolutionary Chicanoism," 
"revolutionary female-ism" or "revolutionary assism." The only real ideology I 
support is "fight evil mutherfucker to the death." 

Do try not to hit the wrong mutherfucker, because all of us look alike in 
America. Learn some class outlook. 

"Where my surfers at?"

Ride the wave and move the air. Open the space where ever you at and stop all 
that goddamn thinking about how to do things. Independent thinking gets us 
fucked up all the time. You do something and then figure out exactly what and 
how to do what you are doing. Walk and talk like you going somewhere if it ain't 
nothing but to the corner store. Open the space, take the streets, even if 
you a small town American mutherfucker. The bourgeoisie trying to close the 
space. They cannot close the space but there is a dialectic of transition involved 
- Jedi knight shit. 

The Bolsheviks - Lenin and them, was out cold. They had women dancing naked 
on stage after October 1917, when mutherfuckers in America was scared of pussy 
and ass except the slaves and their kids.  Pussy and ass everywhere all of the 
time was the Bolshevik reality. I told my mother, "I think I was born a 
communist" and she smiled. 

(They were not really scared of pussy and ass in American but put it in the 
closet. The only thing that should be in the closet is shoes and clothes.) 

Fucking any and everybody is a Bolshevik tradition interrupted by European 
fascism - not Stalin's policy. Fascism was not a response to the German working 
class but Bolshevism. You have to look at a map and see the wave of reaction. 
You can't read it you have to see it on the map and then read it. 

"Jedi breathe/breed. Jedi Knight. The more space I get the better I write." 

Take the air. Fuck um. 

The struggle of the German workers was contained within the quantitative 
boundary of that era of the industrial system. When something happens it happen in 
a certain space and time. Their organizational forms grew out of an early 
stage of industrial development expressed in the Second Communist International. 
Engels was the General. The workers cannot overthrow capitalism as such. That 
is not the dialectic. The Bolsheviks came to power during a war crisis and 
collapse of the government, during a period of transition from agricultural to 
industrial relations. Germany was in front of Russia on the change wave. Someone 
is always in front of someone so stop hating. 

Don't get shit twisted. In Russia the workers did not rise up and overthrow 
capitalism as such. Such a conception of events is childish. 


Seventeen million soldiers - Russians, were slaughtered during the war and 
the fucking government collapsed. The workers went to fucking work in the main. 
There were strikes and I know what a strike is and road the wave of the last 
major ones in America. I came off the front of the curve. That is what put me 
on the path of Jedi Knight-hood. The Bolsheviks came to power, riding - surfing 
a mass wave of discontent. The workers did not "overthrow capitalism." They 
overthrew the world as it exited and Lenin said "let us proceed to build the 
socialist order" and free all the pussy we can.  

"What Snoop is to the West coast," I am to American Marxism.  It's a job. 

Naturally everyone start voting for and supporting the Bolsheviks. Fuck the 
party program with a list of a hundred things that nobody read past the "food, 
peace, pussy and ass part." The party members don't read all them documents. 
To this very day, at election time I vote for the Bolsheviks and they been dead 
fifty years. I ask for a write in ballot and put Lenin and Marx name on the 
mutherfucker. Better to vote for a dead man, than a fascist. 

Now the black intellectual elite say, "You wasting your vote" and made Bush 

It's like "are you stupid mutherfucker. If you campaigned for Lenin and Marx 
and wrote their name in, no matter who wins the election they cannot govern 
without popular consent." The wave of reaction from the Bush administration comes
 from a stupid bourgeois terrorist mutherfucker. Been Looting or rather Bin 
Laden ain't got no proletarian program. I am not against Muslims but fuck you 
if it ain't a class program. I'm serious. 

Now the communist class does not vote and will not register to vote unless it 
is for food, clothes, shelter, pussy, ass and a cell phone card. And for the 
state to make sure that the kids can be dropped off on somebody else. I 
support this because I am tried of baby sitting. In this regard Jeff R. wrote the 
only thing that made sense about the election.  He said "action" - take your 
assignment and go to work where ever you are.  Raise the class consciousness of 
the workers. 

This women question is real important. The ass issue is a subordinate part of 
the Women Question and not a thing in itself, because it is on her backside 
stupid mutherfucker. If you let a mutherfucker take your pussy - no matter what 
kind it is, they going to fuck you. 

Now Stalin ain't closed no space in world politics but responded to the 
closing of space by the bourgeoisie. The man responding to segregation - the 
closing of space, always looks like the aggressor to a privilege mutherfucker. The 
haters of the proletariat point an accusing finger at Stalin and not the 
bourgeoisie. The bourgeoisie closed the space and Stalin responded to segregation 
and then tightened up that ass and said "let's dance mutherfuckers."  If you do 
not know how to dance you step on people feet and get your feet stepped on. 
Every one has to learn how to dance. It is an acquired skill. You must practice. 

I know this to be true because I read it in the secret books that only Jedi 
Knights get to read. After about 23 or 25 years they let you in the Jedi Knight 
library.  The trick is selecting the right book. I fucked around and pulled 
out the right volume on my first pick. I opened the book and felt like a sissy 
in the locker room with everyone looking at you, acting like they do not like 
what they see. I start grinning and said to myself, "the dice is hitting 

Stalin wrote "I am not being funny but you got to put your clothes back on - 
baby, and I don't mean a dress, but a military uniform. You do not have to 
wear panties but the pants are going to be rough on the pussy. Close all the 
asses up and tighten up." 

Why you think that the only thing in his closet was 50 new military outfits 
that all look alike? That mutherfucker was the head of state and could have got 
any kind of clothes he wanted. I asked him in the secret chambers. "What's up 
with that shit? Get one of them good German suits that the Jews sell. Get 
some rags and shoes mutherfucker." 

He said, "I don't want a mutherfucker to say I took advantage of my 

I said, "Oh I get it now. That is why no one be buying Fendi and drinking 
vodka instead." 

Jedi breathe. Open the space, move the air. 
In the first Star Wars movie - damn near 30 years ago - at the end, when 
Darth Vader is going after Luke Skywalker who is trying to destroy the "Death 
Star," Vader says:
"Stay on course. I am on the leader." 

I am not the leader. "I'm on the leader! "

"Jedi breathe, Jedi Knight. The more space I get the better I write/right." 
I am parent and the babies are going to be fought for until death. Fucking 
Justin! I could fucking throw up. Even the black sissy elite are talking about 
that mutherfucker. Should have dumped that mutherfucker in the toilet and not 
the wife. You scared of a breast? You stinking mutherfucker!  Money doesn't 
have to change you. You don't be shit in the first place. 

I'm talking about the bourgeoisie, capital not just money.  Money ain't the 
bourgeoisie but a historically evolved form of wealth. The money represents a 
form of social relations, but is not the social relations itself.  After death 
we battle into eternity. 
"I'm on the leader." 
The organizational form - the way forward, is without what we have called 
organization. We are not a corporation but we corporate - consolidated. I did 
that industrial organization shit for 30. Don't get twisted. I am not arguing but 

The historical narrative and story has shifted, not changed. It is not of the 
Slavic workers voice and tone. Was nothing wrong with their tone and voice 
and they were hard as nails. They did not have criminal intent. 

It's me . . . your boy. 

It is hard for a mutherfucker to stay out of jail in the first place. The 
only thing about jail is that you get fucked. If you cannot take a fucking you 
are not going to make it in America. Ask the women.  Stop thinking and listen 
here (Eddie Harris "Listen here" was off the hook.) 
Organization - our organization does not and cannot consist of a corporate 
form, but an "inn corporate" way. .If you think and insist that an industrial 
form is better then we have to start over. 
"I'm on the leader." 
In the literary field of Marxism, 
"What Snoop is to the West Coast, What Face is to the west coast and Houston, 
What Jay-Zee is to the East Coast, I am to insurgent Marxism."

What this means is that you have to seek out and find a copy of 
"Anti-Durhing" - Engels, because it consolidated the knowledge. 
This is the base of the historical narrative or the personal "I." 
The organization is based on what is in front of you and an understanding of 
the movement based on the same rap - logic. I do not have to meet with you to 
know the same thing, when the same is the same for everyone whose back is 
glued to the wall? 
What Face is to the West coast and Houston. 
They read everything we write. That is alright because this is chess not 
checkers. Pieces get taken off the board but there is a difference. Stalemate is 
not possible at this phase of the game. A mutherfucker can destroy the world 
but that is alright because it has been destroyed before and we bounce back like 
roaches. Our organizational forms have to be placed outside of reading and 
writing publicly. 
This means groups driven by a core that grasp and learn the truth of history. 
Yea it's on marxism at lists.econ.utah.edu blah, blah blah. 
"The truth is back." 
I'm on the leader. 
Melvin P. 

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