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CISPES ACTION ALERT(English version)

Stop Us Intervention In Salvadoran Elections!
Top State Department Official Attacks FMLN - Responses Needed! 
February 16, 2004

Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador

Jeb Bush to Visit El Salvador on Eve of Historic
Elections Fear that Mission to Promote Free Trade will
lead to Increased US Intervention in Highly Contested
Presidential Race

This week, Florida Governor Jeb Bush is visiting
Central America to promote the U.S.-Central America
Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA).  Bush's four country,
five-day tour is sponsored by private businesses that
hope to make Miami the headquarters of the proposed
Free Trade Area of the Americas and expand the model of
trade and development that puts U.S. corporate
interests over those of poverty-stricken Central
Americans. The trip also comes on the eve of the
highly-contested March 21 presidential elections in El
Salvador and in the aftermath of statements by a top
State Department official condemning the leftist FMLN
party's position against CAFTA and calling for
Salvadorans to vote for someone who "shares [U.S.]
vision and values."  This statement contradicted
earlier claims by US Ambassador Hugh Barclay that the
US would respect the results of the elections.

Salvadoran's remember well the last time Governor Bush
stuck his neck into Central American politics: in 2001,
Bush published a full-page ad in the largest Nicaraguan
newspaper calling FSLN candidate Daniel Ortega "an
enemy of everything the US represents" and imploring
Nicaraguans to vote for Liberal Party candidate Enrique
Bolaños. Ortega was ahead in the polls at the time, but
ended up losing by a significant margin.  Now, in El
Salvador, FMLN candidate Schafik Hándal has pulled
ahead of the ruling party in some polls, and the US is
on the offensive. During his visit to El Salvador last
week, Roger Noriega, Assistant Secretary of Western
Hemispheric Affairs for the State Department, made
veiled threats about the nature of US relations with El
Salvador should the FMLN win, while canceling his
meeting with Hándal.

The Salvadoran right is terrified of losing power, and
recent election-related violence in El Salvador raises
the stakes in this all-important election.  In the
1980s, U.S. government aid and intervention contributed
to major bloodshed in El Salvador; since the Peace
Accords in 1992, U.S. involvement in El Salvador has
done little to encourage a peaceful democratic
transition, and statements such as those by Noriega
during tense political moments work only to perpetuate
violence and embolden those who seek to hold onto power
through undemocratic means. Therefore, it is urgent
that Governor Bush refrain from partisan statements and
threats about the nature of U.S. economic relations
with the future government.  The sovereign, democratic
process in El Salvador must be respected!

Take Action!

1. Call Florida Governor Jeb Bush at (850) 488-4441 and
demand that he:

Refrain from making statements either endorsing or
condemning any party or candidate in the upcoming
Salvadoran elections. Reinforce US Ambassador Barclay¹s
commitment to "respect the results of Salvadoran
elections, regardless of who wins." Do not use economic
threats against the Salvadoran people.

2. Send Florida Governor Jeb Bush a fax at (850)
487-0801 (see sample fax below)

3. Contact CISPES at (212) 465-8115 to find out how you
can get involved in our on-going campaign against US
intervention in the Salvadoran elections, or go to
www.cispes.org to learn more.

Sample Fax to Florida
Governor Jeb Bush:

To Governor Bush,

I am writing to express my deep concern about your
visit to El Salvador this week. I was outraged by your
direct intervention in the Nicaraguan Presidential
elections of 2001, when you published a paid ad calling
FSLN candidate Daniel Ortega as "an enemy of everything
the United States represents. . . and a friend of our
enemies," and endorsing Liberal Party candidate Enrique
Bolaños.  I insist that you not attempt a similar
action in El Salvador where the FMLN (leftist party) is
currently ahead in many polls.

I also understand that the nature of your visit is to
promote a free trade model that puts US corporate
interests over the well-being of poor Central
Americans. Though the FMLN opposes this model, it is
inappropriate for US government officials to make
partisan statements about the situation in El Salvador,
and even worse to make threats about the nature of US
relations should an "unfavorable" political force
emerge victorious.  For this reason, I demand that the
US government stop using its power and influence to
undermine the democratic process in El Salvador and
throughout Central America. Peace and democracy will
only come to El Salvador once the United States makes a
genuine commitment to not intervene and to respect the
right of self-determination in this country.


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