[Marxism] Critique of the Brookings Institution - this time by a Russian

Jurriaan Bendien bendien at tomaatnet.nl
Fri Feb 27 08:16:19 MST 2004

On 16 november 2003 I posted a critical comment on a book by Brookings
Institution authors about Siberia on Marxmail and PEN-L. Here is another one
by a Russian author that is much better (thanks to Chris for drawing my
attention to it):

Every year or so, another silly theory comes into vogue among Western
"Russia hands," that estimable body of scientific prognosticators not one of
whom managed to predict the collapse of the Soviet Union until three or four
years after it had occurred. This year's trendily daft notion is that "the
curse of natural resources" is to blame for Russia's fate. That's right:
Russia's problem is that it's got far too much oil, minerals and
forests-just like other famously messed-up countries, like Brazil and
Venezuela. It's not the rich countries' fault for stripping these places; it
's their own fault for leading them on with provocative displays of natural

Story at: http://www.exile.ru/184/book_review.html

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