[Marxism] Holocaust denial

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Feb 27 08:39:15 MST 2004

I should mention that I had an exchange with Ami Isseroff of 
www.mideastweb.org, a progressive website with Israeli and Palestinian 
participation relevant to all this. He alerted me to the fact that 
www.freearabvoice.org, one of Marxmail's recommended sites, had 
holocaust revisionist articles. I was not aware of this and only knew it 
as an outlet for Abu Nasr's fine articles. After he provided me with 
evidence, I had to drop the link. That is really too bad. Arab radicals 
have to avoid that stuff like the plague.


Ami Isseroff wrote:

Dear Louis Proyect,
It is up to you to check your company, but of course it is true and here 
are a few links and texts below. Note that Alloush is described as a 
Holocaust revisionism enthusiast and that they insist "the truth will 
come out." These people are really filth of the worst sort. Reactionary 
Fascist racist revisionist slime.

It says that Anne Frank died of typhus. Really.



See below for selected text. I have found only two links off hand, but 
there are many more. Alloush was active in those Holocaust revisionism 

You have to have been deaf, dumb and blind not to know it.

Check your other links too.
Do you link to www.abbc.com?


My reply:

Thank you for pointing this out to me. I will remove the link right now.

You should not assume anything about me or Marxmail, by the way. I am 
Jewish myself. I don't read FreeArabVoice, but put up a link to it 
because the articles of Abu Nasr appear there. He was on my listserv and 
I trusted him. I suspect that the racism and brutality of the Israeli 
regime has unfortunately brought out the same kinds of tendencies in the 
Arab world. I would say this, however. It is much more likely that 
Hitlerian policies will be carried out against Palestinians than against 
Jews in today's geopolitical framework.


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