[Marxism] Holocaust denial

Adam Levenstein cleon42 at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 27 09:07:12 MST 2004

> It is up to you to check your company, but of course it is true and
> here 
> are a few links and texts below. Note that Alloush is described as a 
> Holocaust revisionism enthusiast and that they insist "the truth will
> come out." These people are really filth of the worst sort.
> Reactionary 
> Fascist racist revisionist slime.
> It says that Anne Frank died of typhus. Really.

Not to comment on the rest, because I didn't read it (though I don't
doubt it's revisionist BS), but Anne Frank *did* die of typhus.


Anti-semitism and Holocaust revisionism is something the Palestine
solidarity movement really needs to address head-on. It's a logical and
understandable reaction to the situation, but it doesn't go anywhere


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