[Marxism] Holocaust denial

Craven, Jim JCraven at clark.edu
Fri Feb 27 11:31:20 MST 2004

Adam Levenstein wrote:
Not to comment on the rest, because I didn't read it (though I don't
doubt it's revisionist BS), but Anne Frank *did* die of typhus.

Adam, it is important to understand that many of the revisionists argue 
that the casualties came as a result of unhealthy conditions that all 
Germans were forced to endure. If Anne Frank died of typhus in a death 
camp, then this is not qualitatively different from Berliners dying of 
malnutrition towards the end of the war. It is very devious stuff that 
we have to be clear about.

Response (Jim C): The same is often said about the deaths of Indians:
the "cause" of death was...[pick TB, diabetes, etc] when the bottom line
is that the "cause of death" should have read/should read "genocide."
and conditions imposed on Indians as Indians. Even the unhealthy
conditions some of the Germans endured: a) were nothing like Auschwitz;
b) came about from the Nazi system and its own defining policies and

The Palestinians impeach a just cause when they have anything to do with
the likes of the Holocaust deniers, neo-fascist anti-Semites, glossing
over the ugliness of the likes of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem etc. The
doctrine of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" is bad logic in
addition to being grank opportunism and lack of principle.

For me my response is as it has always been since I went to my first
anti-Zionist demonstration in 1967 while at University of Minnesota: For
exactly and precisely the same reasons I detest Naziism, anti-Semitism
(or anti-Jewishness if you wish), Holocaust denial/revisionism, and for
exactly and precisely the same reasons I mourn and honor all the victims
of the nazi Holocaust (Jewish and non-Jewish equally) as well as the
victims of other Holocausts, I detest Zionism as but another form of
racism, Holocaust denial (another form of Holocaust denial is not to
discuss all the victims--and collaborators--along with the real causes
of the nazi Holocaust and or to deny other Holocausts), fascism,
collaboration in imperialism, anti-Judaism, chauvinism, etc.

Jim C.

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