[Marxism] Ambiguiosity (was: acceptable American English, pre-W)

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> Mark wrote: "The way it works, Jeff, is that if your emails come into my
> email inbox, you have to be willing to get answers and, if what you say
> is unclear, you should answer questions to clarify what you mean."
> The guy is just a (particularly unintelligent) troll. Ignore him, he'll
> get bored & go away.
> José

Jose, it's true I'm kind of "nat": but so is Mr. Lause, and what we are
"disambiguating" here in our peculiarly anesthetized way is a loss of
"suppleness" in American public discourse during the Bush regime
such as does not benefit relatively rigid characters such as ours.
In other words, what is appealing about this email you have sent is
its "flexible" character: the guy is, well, the guy and all kinds of people
could tend towards this special new norm for reasons known and
unknown.  In other words, a "specific difference" of *Anglais contintental*
we are almost cheated out of on the "Pacific Rim" is its "externalism":
it's not what you meant, it's what you said.

Jeff Rubard

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