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> Charles Bertsch wrote:
>>Havven't they given you tenure yet, Louis?
>>Oh, that's right. I forgot.
>>Nice to hear from an old, um, whatever.

> After putting two and two together, I did a google search on "Bertsch" and
> "Bad Subjects" and discovered that you are one of the bullshit artists
> that
> puts that cyber-rag out. If you had a beef about what your pal Aldama
> wrote
> about Cuba, you should have made that clearer. I have half a mind to put
> you and all your postmodernist pals on Marxmail where we can teach you a
> thing or two about Marxist theory.

Lou, this is the part where "Westy" forgets he can't drum.  *Bad Subjects* is
fucking awesome, and that means they've been held to a lot of "standards"
you like to drop: and really, there's an end to sympathy concerning events
Noo Yorkers had a lot more to do with than the Mad Dog Militia.  It's like
you know it's like that, meet *one* V-guy and you'll never get the "mike"
Organization men don't need one, anyway; leastways that's what Arac was
always "indicating".

> Louis Proyect
> Marxism list: www.marxmail.org

Jeff Rubard

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