[Marxism] Oh no, it's Revo!

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> If not a post-modernist, then someone writing in Sanskrit and running it
> through the Google translation engine.
> Enough already.
> Jon Flanders
> On Fri, 2004-02-27 at 20:47, Mark Lause wrote:
>> Oh, Louis!  Post-modernists on Marxmail?  Surely not withour custard
>> pies and seltzer bottles all around!
>> ML

Okay, if we are to use *Erklaerung* rather than *Verstehen*: regarding
*ecriture gauchiste*, there's Charlie Bertsch and there's everyone on this
list (except me if you use boojum metrics and how, or persons of
color-and-not-me if you have your eyes rather than pocketbook/cartridge
box open).  Charlie Bertsch is a non-fascist modernist, and he's done what
he needs to do to avoid the charge of "eyes of India" (believe it). 
Smearing him will be your downfall rather than "upgrade", and there's
still some people here concerned about that -- it's Mark Van Doren et al.
that cares he's not a chipper liberal, and everyone should know it.


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