[Marxism] Moment of candor in the NY Times

Charles Brown cbrown at michiganlegal.org
Sat Feb 28 10:22:44 MST 2004

From: Louis Proyect 

 NY Times, February 29, 2004

Veterans of Past Murderous Campaigns Are Leading Haiti's New Rebellion By

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti, Feb. 28  The armed men trying to seize power in
Haiti are led by death-squad veterans and convicted murderers, according to
American officials and human-rights groups.

They are "the new Haitian army," said one of their commanders, Remissainthe
Ravix. They are also "thugs," said Secretary of State Colin L. Powell.


CB: Gee, what happened to that word "terrorists" that fell so dripplingly
off of these slobs lips for the last ten years ?


They are men like Louis-Jodel Chamblain and Jean-Pierre Baptiste  two
leaders of Fraph, the Haitian Front for Advancement and Progress. Fraph was
an instrument of terror wielded by the military junta that overthrew Haiti's
embattled president, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, in 1991. It killed thousands
over the next three years.

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